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Dancing Bodi{es} & Choreographing Code{s}

Dancing Bodi{es} & Choreographing Code{s} is an evening of performances followed by a conversation between the performers and the audience.

“Moving Patterns” is a duet for dancer and coder. It allows a visual score for the dancer to be created in real time through the live coding language TidalCycles and special image language DanceDirt. The audience sees the performers react and change to the score as it develops through coding and movement on stage.

Performers: Teddy Tedholm and Kate Sicchio
DanceDirt Language: Tom Murphy

“A WebPage in Three Acts” is an assemblage of visual experiments into a new hybrid form of composition, combining principles of choreography within the formal structures of coding. The screen becomes an open stage for the new code which links choreography and web programming; body and language.

Performer: Joana Chicau

Earlier Event: April 21
andPlay + Kylwyria 7:30-9:30
Later Event: April 25
Fonema Consort // Charmaine Lee