The Flat Files Program

Areté is proud to present its roster of emerging and mid-career artists whose works are available for viewing in our space during during public hours or by appointment.  Their works on paper, photographs, prints and collages represent their core practice–or a departure from their usual studio practice.  All works are available for sale and none is priced higher than $2000.  Clicking on a thumbnail below will open a more detailed image and information. 

These images represent only a selection of each artists' available works.  Please contact for prices,  additional images and  information.  (Please note that due to overwhelming interest we are currently not accepting new applications to our Flat Files Program.) To see our past exhibition of flat files artists, please visit here.


Our Artists

Meredith Allen,  James Autery,  Angelica Bergamini,  Caroline Blum,  Paula Cahill,   Stacey Cushner,  Luca DeGaetano,   Patricia Fabricant,  Alexa Frankelis,  Goldie Gross, Havens & Friedman (Matti Havins and David Friedman),   Jeong Hur,   Elena Kendall-Aranda,  Sabrina Marques,   Cheryl Molnar,   Julianne Nash,   Jung Eun Park,  Brandon Perdomo,  Joe Piscopia,   Carol Saft,  Katrina Slavik, David Vasilev