Dyspepsia: A Techno-Existential Intrusion Into The Human Body

a duo show by Mattia Casalegno and Yefeng Wang

curated by Tansy Xiao

February 15 - February 28, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 17, 6-10 p.m.


PERFORMANCES   FEB 17 + 25, 6-10 pm

February 17, 6-10 p.m.

Performance Lab: Kalan Sherrard + Jacob Cohen and friends

Throughout the evening...
GameOfLovex3: Audience participatory performance art by Illya Szilak performed with Tansy Xiao.

"If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you."
A crowd-sourced performance art project which explores expanded forms of intimacy. Conflating and confounding notions of public and private, “mine” and “yours," material and virtual realities, it would still be you undermines the ease and superficiality of social media interaction, even as it relies on these platforms for its production and distribution. The project offers participants the opportunity to discover what is lost in human interaction and what new possibilities emerge as we extend ourselves through computer technology.

Sunday, February 25, 6-10 p.m.
Solo Strings and Electronics: Music inspired by Dyspepsia

Du.0 = Charlotte Munn-Wood + Aimée Niemann, violins Trevor New = viola + electronics
Caleigh Drane = cello + electronics
Jason Anastasoff = bass +
Patti Kilroy = violin + electronics



In an era that is riddled with the magnificent potentials of cutting-edge technology and the dystopian anxieties that come along with them, we witness the collapse of sciential and sensual systems as well as the blurring of tangible and intangible boundaries. The intruders in our fantasies spill out from our own bodies and minds, inducing gradual corrosion to the very basis of human cognition: the notion of “self”.

Dyspepsia is a duo exhibition by Mattia Casalegno and Frank Yefeng Wang, both of whose art practices embody the juxtaposition of high technology and human bodies. For the 3D-printed sculptures, Casalegno uses Soylent as the material to mold classical statues: the prototype of human physicality; while Wang adopts Oculus Touch as a tool to redefine the relationship between everyday objects and disjointed body parts. The video works of both artists experiment with transmutation of existing forms, questioning the ambiguous line between human and machine, organics and inorganics, body and foreign objects, and ultimately, self and others.


Mattia Casalegno is a New York-based Italian interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the effects new media have on our societies, investigating the relationships between technology, the objects we create, our subjectivities, and the modes in which these relations unfold into each other. Casalegno has received various grants and fellowships, including the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, NYFA, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai, among others. He has exhibited internationally in festivals and museums, such as Mutek Festival, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan), MACRO (Italy), Nuit Blanche (Belgium), Optronica (UK), Le Cube – Contemporary Art Museum (France), OFFF (Spain), AVIT (Germany), and LACMA (US).

Yefeng (Frank) Wang is a Chinese new media artist who pursues his artistic career in both East and West, working critically across media including Experimental 3D rendering and animation, video installation, virtual reality, and 3D printing. His exhibitions include Gene Siskel Film Center (Chicago, USA), Hyde Park Art Center (IL, USA), El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe (NM, USA), HEREarts Center (New York, NY), Governors Island Art Fair (New York, NY), Xuzhou Museum of Art (Xuzhou, China), The Museum of Luxun Academy of Art (Shenyang, China), Between Art Lab (Shanghai/Beijing, China), Chi K11 Art Museum (Shanghai, China), etc. He was also a residency artist and juried panel member in NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, NY.


Emilio Guarino Presents: The Kiln

The Kiln is weekly meeting of creators that emphasizes the presentation of new, in process work. 

Come join us for our first public presentation of new art and music by Kiln regulars. 


image by Katherine Schneider

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Gallery Hours: Tu-Sun 11am-5pm

Opening Party: Friday, Jan 19th, 7-11PM


Photographer and video artist James Autery's latest solo exhibition, REVERBERATIONS, is a study in new media within a rapidly evolving technological age. Seamless infinity loops of video portraits are presented on vintage televisions from the 50's and 80's as well as on rear projection film on acrylic glass. 


Bae Pink 1-12


Bae Pink 1-12

Acrylic on linen

12x9 inches


 Symposium_eros 0.1  Acrylic and bailey twines on burlap, dimensions variable   Dec 2017

Symposium_eros 0.1

Acrylic and bailey twines on burlap, dimensions variable

 Dec 2017

Kate Bae

Dec 2nd-Jan 12th

"Symposium_eros 0.1" installation and selected works


Born in Busan, Korea, lives and works in New York, NY ish. Immigrated to US in 1994, naturalized U.S. Citizen in 2002.

Kate's sign: Leo (August 16) Year of Lamb (1979), Blood Type B, Yin Wood Type, MBTI: ENTP-A and ENFP-A (interchanges), Human Design: 5/1 profile Projector with triple split definition, Enneagram: Type 3, 7, 8, 4 in that order.

As a painter, Korean-born woman, and naturalized American citizen, defining and deconstructing identity has been a central theme of Kate Bae’s work. She has been employing the process of stripping paint away as a gesture that corresponds to her ideas about awareness and in essence shaving layers off of herself.                                         

For CV click here

Kate Bae holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, both in painting, and has explored and exhibited around the world. Her residencies and fellowships include Marpha Foundation (Marpha, Nepal), Serlachius-residenssi (Mänttä, Finland, both forthcoming) and the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts (New Berlin, NY), Trestle Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), the Studios at MASS MoCA (North Adams, MA), Tentacles + Surface Arts Residency (Bangkok, Thailand), Seljavegur Residency (Reykjavik, Iceland), Wassaic Project (Wassaic, NY), Villa R Residency (Messina, Italy) and the Post Contemporary Residency (Troy, NY). She is a current fellow at the NYFA 2017 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program for Visual Artists.


Areté Opening Day Party

Saturday, Dec 2nd, 2pm-12am

All day meet and greet opening party! Come through and say hello, check out the space and the lovely neighborhood and hear performances by Leighanne Saltsman, Cory Bracken, Howie Kenty, Adam Tendler, Sugar Vendil and Trevor Gureckis, Mary Prescott, Kento Iwasaki, Samantha Enriquez and Charles Waters. There will also be work on display by fine artists Kate Bae, Diego Anaya, and James Autery. Tasty treats by Diana Mino of Mama D's Tasty Treats! Free and open to the public, but if you are staying for a performer's set, please donate to the artist.



2:00 Leighanne Saltsman with Annemarie Errico: original folk/pop songs for voice and ukulele

5:00 Samantha Enriquez and Dale Jezwinski: collaborative performance

5:20 Jason Anastasoff: bass and objects

6:00 Kento Iwasaki: koto and electronics

7:00 Howie Kenty: chamber ensemble and electronics

7:45 Mary Prescott: NY premiere performance of This Is How You Remember Me (aka. 6 Degrees from Giving a Shit) for piano and multimedia theater

8:30 Sugar Vendil and Trevor Gureckis: piano and electronics

9:00 Nuzion Peace Orchestra: premier of new sections of Charles Waters' "NACHTPUNKTE", part 4 of the Boswijck Concertos, for piano, winds, and electronics. With Charles Waters, alto sax, Mary Cherney, flute, Lee Odem, clarinet, Jeremy Danniman, bass clarinet, Jake Henry, trumpet, Chris Forbes, piano, Andrew Barker and Carl Franke, electronics.

10:00 Cory Bracken: percussion and noise

11:00 Adam Tendler: solo piano


In addition to musicians, the following visual artists will have their work featured:

Kate Bae will be creating the first installation at the space, titled "Symposium" This is a site specific work consisting, at least partially, of acrylic paint treated as sculpture and hung. Kate's installation will remain at the gallery through January 12th.

Diego Anaya will be creating a piece of performance art

James Autery will have an exhibit involving vintage TV sets, projections, and photography up at the gallery for the party, as well as a full installation from January 18th-31st, with an opening party on January 20th. He is also our photographer for the day!


Catering Diva: