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The Art of Protest

  Casas a la Deriva  by Isidro Blasco

Casas a la Deriva by Isidro Blasco


Curated by Elizabeth Cooper

March 16th - April 29th, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday March 16th, 6-10 pm




Jonathan Allen  

John Baber  

Isidro Blasco     

Lizzie Bonaventura  

Nancy Bowen  

Nancy Chunn

Amanda Church  

Angela Dufresne  

Nicky Enright

Mary Frank  

Rachel Frank  

Jake Kahana

Joyce Kozloff  

Eileen Jeng Lynch’s “ Give Voice” Postcard Project   

Katherine Newbegin

Lorie Novak  

Ken Ragsdale  

Maritza Ranero  

Carol Saft  

Rudy Shepherd  

Sandra Mack Valencia


Arete Venue and Gallery is proud to present The Art of Protest, an exhibition that joins NYC artists together in a show of video, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture and protest signs. The Art of Protest investigates the different ways in which artists choose to express their opinions on social issues. It will also feature Eileen Jeng Lynch’s “Give Voice” Postcard Project which presents 40 artist-made postcards that attendees can send to their political representatives, and are also available for sale as a charitable donation to various causes.



Saturday, April 14th, 1pm - 4pm

Give Voice Postcard Project signing event hosted by Eileen Jeng Lynch

Friday, April 20th, 6pm - 9pm

Greenpoint Gallery Night, performance by Rudy Shepherd


Jake Kahana imagines Donald Trump as a classic cartoon villain and John Baber uses his considerable collage skills to skewer political foibles. Sandra Mack Valencia’s powerful portraits explore immigration with beauty and dignity. Jonathan Allen presents “Subway Interventions”, a series of underground poster interventions that reimagines advertisements as a political battleground. Rico Gatson contributes an image of the writer and cultural icon Amiri Baraka. Nicky Enright’s video, “I'm Migration”, presents the immigrant experience boldly while Nancy Bowen is represented by a powerful drawing showing how women’s history is often edited out of American history. Rudy Shepherd's intimate portraits focus on racial bias and the police violence that plagues America. Carol Saft’s short documentary videos explore community building and political action, sharing the screen with many voices while Lorie Novak’s project “Above The Fold” focuses on media coverage during “The First Hundred Days of Trump”.  

In Isidro Blasco’s work, global warming causes houses to float away in the East River. Ken Ragsdale investigates clear cutting and environmental damage while Rachel Frank examines environmental changes and animal extinction in her “Rewilding” project.

Carol Saft assembles a collection of the most recent protest signs created and fabricated by the artists of the We Make America Collective, some of whose members include Lizzie Bonaventura, Nancy Chunn, Angela Dufresne, Mary Frank, Joyce Kozloff, Julie Peppito, Linda Schrank, Rachel Selekman, and others.