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There is no filming of performances without the prior knowledge and consent of *both* the performer and the venue. Please email info@aretevenue to obtain consent. Thank you for your cooperation.

OPERA Ensemble on Climate Change

4/13/19, 1:00pm

The OPERA Ensemble of singing instrumentalists will play pieces related to Climate Change, composed by the members of the ensemble such as Lucie Vítková, Stevie May, Isis Brown, Vered Engelhard, Carolyn Hietter, Sydney Viles, Sky Macklay, Elizabeth Adams. The OPERA Ensemble was established in 2016 by Lucie Vítková, to play her whole evening piece OPERA during the series NEW+ADVENTUROUS at the Roulette Intermedium.. MORE

$15 entry at the door

Marsyas Trio 

In the Theatre of Air – North America Tour 2019

4/13/19, 3:30pm

The Marsyas Trio (flute, cello, piano) celebrate their 10th anniversary with music by British and American women composers. The programme includes pieces by Louise Farrenc, Amy Beach, Hilary Tann and Thea Musgrave. The Marsyas Trio has forged a place as a dynamic and innovative group, inspiring a generation of new works for their genre through their commissioning work, as well as bringing lost and forgotten repertoire to the public. This North American tour is part of the international promotion of their latest CD ‘In the Theatre of Air’ released on NMC Recordings. The album debuted at No. 7 in the Classical Charts and was critically acclaimed by Gramophone, BBC Music Magazine and other major publications.  MORE

TICKETS - Early bird $15/12, at the door $20/$15

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William Lang presents: New Solos

Composer Heather Stebbins


7:00pm Composer Heather Stebbins, 8:30pm William Lang

Concert of works by Heather Stebbins, featuring performers from loadbang and guest artist Cesare Papetti. MORE

Will Lang will be presenting new works for solo trombone by Kamala Sankaram, Yu-Chun Chien, Sharon Hurtwitz, and more, as part of a years long series and approach to enriching the current repertoire for solo trombone. MORE

$15 entry for each concert

Convergences VI - Patricia Brennan // Richard Valitutto

4/18/19, 8:00pm

Pianist Richard Valitutto invites listeners to reflect on the modern/postmodern dialectic in a program of solos by Rebecca Saunders, György Kurtág, Artur Avanesov, and a premiere by Thomas Feng. With a focus on contemporary keyboard performance, Grammy-nominated pianist Richard Valitutto is a soloist, chamber musician, vocal accompanist, and composing/improvising creative. Described as a “vivid soloist,” "quietly dazzling," and “vigorously virtuosic” (LA Times), he is also a member of the critically acclaimed wild Up Modern Music Collective and the "startlingly versatile" (NY Times) quartet, gnarwhallaby. A Sage Fellow in Cornell University’s DMA program, he also holds degrees in piano performance from the California Institute of the Arts (MFA) and the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music (BM, summa cum laude).

“Kaleidoscope” features a combination of composition and improvisation for solo vibraphone and marimba by Patricia Brennan. Previously recorded in August 2018, this project is a documentation of a sonic and personal journey using mallet percussion as a vessel. From standard forms to exploring sonic textures via extended techniques and electronic effects, each piece in this project creates a unique experience. The name Kaleidoscope is due to the meaning of its ancient greek roots: "beautiful", "form, shape", "to look, to examine" since the goal of this project is to explore the beauty of sound in its many forms. The record is expected to be released in 2019.


$15 at the door

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Max Kutner’s Trio Generale

4/18/19, 10:00pm

Trio Generale is the latest ensemble from guitarist/composer Max Kutner. The character of method conformed by the group fluidly navigates the outer bounds of punk, math rock, modern jazz and free improvisation without hierarchy in sharing humor. Max Kutner, guitar, Elie Asher, trumpet, Colin Hinton, drums. MORE

$15 entry at the door



5/5/19, 8:00pm

The 2019 Look + Listen Festival continues with So To Speak, a curation of experimental songwriting and contemporary chamber music focused on the written word.

Darius Jones joins singer Amirtha Kidambi to present his Angels and Demons, musical adaptations of cosmological writings by iconic improviser and bandleader Sun Ra.

Vocalist and composer
Majel Connery presents new songs with “repressed classical influences” from her upcoming EP Anything Chartreuse on sonnets by Oracle Hysterical composer Brad Balliet, and interdisciplinary performances with poet Jeff Dolven based on collected poems from his Speculative Music and A New English Grammar.

Chamber quartet
loadbang rounds out the evening with contemporary text settings that push the boundaries of vocal and instrumental music, including New York’s own neo-baroque composer Jonathan Dawe.

Co-presented by Areté Gallery, performances are accompanied by the exhibition “The Universe, How Vast, How Small” with microcosmic artwork from the gallery’s flatfile collection.

Ya-jhu Yang – Three Pieces*
Haukur Harðarson – Blind*
Jonathan Dawe – Ship of Fools
ZongYun We – Flower*
Adam Zahler – Ledascape

DARIUS JONES (saxophone)
Darius Jones – Angels and Demons**

MAJEL CONNERY (voice & electronics)
JEFF DOLVEN (poetry)
Majel Connery – Anything Chartreuse
Majel Connery & Jeff Dolven – A New English Grammar

*NY Premiere
** US Premiere


Dan Lippel & Alejandro Flórez Duo

5/7/19, 7:00pm

Dan Lippel, guitar and compositions

Alejandro Flórez, guitar and compositions

The Lippel/Flórez duo is a meeting ground for two versatile musicians showcasing their interest in classical/contemporary writing and improvisation in a variety of settings. Their approach bridges the worlds of New Music, jazz and free improv, resulting in a fiery blend of eclectic virtuosity.

$15 entry at the door

Wavefield Ensemble: Clocks are hearts in search of bodies

5/12/19, 8:00pm

50 years after its first performance, Wavefield Ensemble presents the second performance of Steve Reich's Pulse Music (1969). Originally created at Bell Labs with an instrument Reich called the "Phase Shifting Pulse Gate" the piece was the analog electronic predecessor to his acoustic phase pieces. The instrument has been digitally recreated by Ezra Teboul, for this performance, along with a new work by Teboul for his digital phase shifting pulse gate. Also on the program are the US premiere of Ann Cleare's I am not a clockmaker either. (2009) for piano and electronics, Angelica Negron's Hush (2012) for flute and electronics, and George Aperghis' classic work for solo percussion: Le corps a corp.  MORE

$15 entry at the door

 ASM Drinks Alone

5/14/19, 7:30pm

Evening’s solo performances to include:
Gordon Beeferman – BIRD SONG for piano and spoken text
Sarah Bernstein – Zero to One for solo violin
Ty Citerman – world premiere for solo nylon string guitar
Pat Muchmore – world premiere
Barry Seroff – world premiere for solo flute with live manga visual projections


$15 entry at the door

Middle Voice

Lauren Siess, viola

5/15/19, 8:00pm

Curated by violist Lauren Siess, this show presents four world premieres of solo viola works, as well as a viola duet by the curator herself.  With the aim of expanding the viola repertoire, these works utilize loop pedal, electronics, and dancer, cultivating this seldom-heard solo instrument as a versatile musical voice.


Simone Baron - “Of Sumac Groves and Ducks” for viola and dancer

Immanuel Wilkins - “Morph” for viola and metronome

Trey Makler - [Soloist] for viola, loop pedal, and dancer

Ben Lieberman - “Telesphrous” for viola and electronics

Lauren Siess - “blooming” for viola duet and loop pedal

Joe Peterson, viola

$15 entry at the door

 Jeremiah Cymerman/Carl Testa Duo

5/16/19, 7:00pm

Jeremiah Cymerman - clarinet

Carl Testa - bass, electronics

Jeremiah Cymerman on clarinet and Carl Testa on bass perform with Testa's interactive live processing system, Sway. The computer conducts audio analysis on each musician's signal which controls the type and moment-to-moment processing of each musician's sound. What results is a dynamic, constantly shifting environment surrounding the musicians. A live generative video influenced by the same analysis data further envelops the musicians and audience into the different processed environments.


$15 entry at the door

Avram Fefer / Michael Bisio Duo

5/16/19, 9:00pm

Bassist Michael Bisio and multi-instrumentalist Avram Fefer have been playing together for many years including national and international tours and numerous recordings. Their rapport as a duo is unmistakeable and relies on a mutual embrace of traditional and experimental aspects of improvised music. Beautiful tone is at the heart of their musical conception, but their sophisticated approach to interactive story-telling is what keeps the audience captivated and on the edge of their seats.


$15 entry at the door

5:17:19 bach.jpeg


an evening of live coding and keyboard performance

5/17/19, 8:00pm

Liveware is an audio-visual ensemble consisting of Shawn Lawson (graphics) and Michael Century (music), with Jeremy Stewart processing both graphics and sound using machine learning algorithms. Lawson is an expert practitioner of live-coding with graphics languages and environments he developed. Century performs on piano and accordion, and uses software he developed allowing live manipulations of performed material on both instruments.

Shawn Lawson is a computational artist and researcher creating the computational sublime. He performs under the pseudonym Obi-Wan Codenobi where he live-codes real-time computer graphics with his open source software, The Force and The Dark Side. Lawson’s non-performance work explores a range of technology: stereoscopy, camera vision, touch screens, game controllers, hand-held devices, random number generators; and output formats: print, sculpture, mobile apps, instruction sets, animation, and interactive.

Michael Century, pianist, accordionist, and composer, is Professor of New Media and Music in the Arts Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which he joined in 2002. Musically at home in classical, contemporary, and improvisational settings, Century has enjoyed a varied career as university teacher, new media researcher, inter-arts producer, and arts policy maker (Banff Centre for the Arts (1979-93), McGill University (1998-2002), Government of Canada Canadian Heritage and Department of Industry 1993-98)). At the Banff Centre, he directed the Centre's inter-arts program, jazz and improvised music programs, and was the founding director of its Media Arts program. Century’s works for live and electronically processed instruments have been performed and broadcast in concerts and festivals internationally, including ISEA, The Music Gallery, Diapason Gallery and Le Poisson Rouge (New York City), Vancouver Jazz Festival, Banff Festival of the Arts, and CBC’s Two New Hours.

Jeremy Stewart, is a multimedia artist and performer researching the affective potential of distributed multimedia systems through the creation of improvisational performances, wearable hardware, and machine learning-driven software. He is interested in the ways that technology can affect, interact with, and alter an individual’s agency, perception, and autonomy. He is a PhD Candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


5/18/19, 8:00pm

Hotel Neon is the Philadelphia-based trio of Michael Tasselmyer, Andrew Tasselmyer, and Steven Kemner. Together they create music to get lost in: atmospheric, hazy guitar and electronics, paired with meticulously designed visual projections that combine for an immersive audio/visual experience. Since forming in early 2013, the group has released 5 full-length albums, including their newest LP "Vanishing Forms" set for release in May 2019. Hotel Neon has toured and collaborated with the likes of Benoit Pioulard, Loscil, The Sight Below, and Marcus Fischer, filling a variety of performance spaces from galleries to cathedrals with their densely layered walls of sound.

Lowercase Noises is an ambient instrumental project by New Mexico-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Othling. Early experiments with rudimentary recording equipment and a handful of effects pedals eventually led to the release of Othling's first major work, the 2009 full-length release Seafront. His mix of ambient guitar work, electronica, and post-rock elements was further expanded on a trio of 2010 releases: Carry Us All Away, Ambient Songs, and Marshall, the latter of which was written for his newborn son. Over the next few years, Othling continued to develop new works, eventually returning in 2014 with This Is for Our Sins, a spacious blend of sweeping post-rock and gentle organic soundscapes. Like his earlier releases, it was self-produced and self-released. 2017's The Swiss Illness featured a lusher ambient sound.

Slow Meadow is piano-centered ambient compositions from multi-instrumentalist Matt Kidd. After working as a touring / session musician since the early 2000s, Matt took a serious interest in creating music focused less on performance and more on inner experience. Slow Meadow’s releases have been celebrated by NPR, The New York Observer, and the syndicated radio show, Echoes.



Melissa Weikart & Amanda Ekery 

5/20/19, 7:30pm

Melissa will be performing solo. “Eschewing the trappings of modern sonic decadence in favor of the simple ageless pallete of piano and voice, Weikart subtly displays her mastery over pen and canvas, drawing a hyperrealist landscape with words and sound and the scattered, piercing perceptions of a restless mind taking the hypocritical world to task, and leaving us wanting more.” — Matt from HEC tapes

Amanda will be performing new music from the soon to be released Some More Short Songs, a continuation of her album Some Short Songs. Amanda stated “when writing this album I wanted it to be fun! So, you’ll hear songs about hula-hoops, running out of peanut butter, and other about self-conscious clouds.” She is joined by Magdalena Abrego, Allison Burik, Lim Yang and Andrew Boudreau.

$15 entry at the door

5:23:19 Vessels to Motherland.png

 Vessels to Motherland

5/23/19, 7:00pm

Nikita Morozov, violin; Danica Borisavljevic, piano

Vessels to Motherland, an eclectic duo consisting of pianist Danica Borisavljevic and violinist Nikita Morozov, is a coexistence of classical/ contemporary repertoire with live experimental electronics. Prokofiev's Sonata in F minor for violin and piano, a 73-year-old Soviet tugboat, capable of pulling even the heaviest souls, will steer into the unknown, and grind its teeth in electronic psychedelia.

$15 entry at the door

5:26:19 Lior Milliger Quartet.jpg

Lior Milliger Quartet 

5/26/19, 6:00pm

Lior Milliger – Tenor Sax
Santiago Leibson – Piano
Bass – TBA
Rodrigo Recabarren - Drums

Lior Milliger, an upcoming contemporary Sax player, composer and improviser, has been performing his compositions and free improvised sets with New York's leading musicians. Lior's music is influenced by the Jazz tradition as well as ancient Jewish music and Israeli folklore, taking a turn to the contemporary and modern improvised music.


$15 entry at the door

5:27:19 .JPG

Aaron Wolff, cello / Lana Suran, piano

5/27/19, 7:30pm 


J. S Bach - Cello Suite n.2 in d minor, BWV 1108

I. Prelude

IV. Sarabande

VII. Gigue

F. Schubert - Arpegionne Sonata, D.821

I. Allegro moderato

Prokofiev - Sinfinia Concertante

II. Allegro

~ brief intermission ~

J. S Bach - Capriccio BWV 992

”On the Departure of a Beloved Brother”

L. van Beethoven - Piano Sonata no.4 in E flat, op.7

I. Allegro molto e con brio

II. Largo, con gran espressione

J. Corigliano - Winging it: III

5:30:19 .jpg

 Ricardo Gallo solo piano

5/30/19, 9:00pm

Ricardo Gallo presents in this format compositions from his repertoire for other groups in solo-piano versions, and improvised pieces.

As pianist-composer, Gallo looks to minimize the distinction between improvisation and composition. Or, in other words, to present in a distilled and direct way the creative process of his music that has been known mainly through his work with other groups and collaborations with other musicians.

$15 entry at the door

6:6:19 cover poster.png

Jay Vilnai - Thorns All Over Release Party

6/6/19, 7:00pm

Composer Jay Vilnai celebrates his new album “Thorns All Over”, contemporary murder ballads penned by poet Rachel Abramowitz, with acoustic performances and tracks from the album. Mezzo Augusta Caso will perform Vilnai’s “There’s a Bluebird in My Heart” for voice and tape, based on the poetry of Charles Bukowski, with new video art by artist Bill Mazza.


$15 entry at the door