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There is no filming of performances without the prior knowledge and consent of *both* the performer and the venue. Please email info@aretevenue to obtain consent. Thank you for your cooperation.


Catalyze EP Release Show

New Performance features Installation, Live Piano, and Meditation

Saturday, 9/14/19, 4 - 5:00 pm

Join Angelica Olstad, a classically trained pianist and founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC for an afternoon of introspection, live music, and meditation. Artist and Founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC asks audiences to find calm in the midst of chaos

Part installation piece, live performance, and featuring a meditation session, Catalyze is the live embodiment of Olstad's EP which was recorded during a music residency at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in January of 2019. Her artistic work focuses on creating imaginative, story-driven pieces that are deconstructed from classical repertoire and reworked into new and fully immersive experiences.

As the founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC, Olstad has been working on creating accessible yoga classes to the public since 2011. As a practitioner of yoga and meditation, she is dedicated to helping more New Yorkers find affordable opportunities to improve their happiness, health, and live more enriching lives.

Catalyze brings Olstad's two worlds together for the first time. The theme of the performance is designed to “find calm in the midst of chaos” by highlighting themes of mental health, wellness, philosophy, and neuroscience through recordings of excerpts from new and ancient texts, a soundscape of New York city sounds, a live performance from Olstad's EP, and a guided meditation from Olstad herself.

Suggested donation $12, buy tickets HERE


Featuring Eudy Fernandez’ E’s Sound Ensemble plus special guests

Saturday, 9/14/19, 8:00pm

Eudy Fernandez is a world-renowned Cuban Trumpet player. He has played with top Cuban bands for more than 20 years. His playing is often compared to that of the great jazz and Latin trumpet players of all time.Opening special guest Mamady Kouyate (Mandingo Ambassadors) who represents a musical tradition that stretches back hundreds of years Guinean griot, Mamady plays with a melodic virtuosity that pulls in listeners who love great guitar players.

$15 suggested donation

9:23:19 Weston.png

Charlotte Mundy, voice // Weston Olencki & Ted Moore, laptops/synths/tables //
Nick Dunston, bass/compositions Anna Webber, saxophone, Rahrah Saucy, ?!???!?!?!

Monday, 9/23/19, 8:00 pm

Ambient Lullabies

Wednesday, 9/25/19, 7:30pm

Ambient Lullabies is a music series curated by Concetta Abbate. It showcases music around a concept rather than a genre. The series features music that falls between categories, leaves space for contemplation, meditation and reflective thoughts. It explores Music as Medicine; as a daily practice. The shows calls for a listening room. Audience is invited to bring drawing, journals, sketchbooks, painting and any silent creative work that compliments listening to music.

$20 suggested


Sly Horizon - ‘The Anatomy of Light’ CD Release

with Briggan Krauss, saxophone

9/26/19, 7:30pm

Join SLY HORIZON on this special evening to celebrate the release of the group's first album, "The Anatomy Of Light" out on Iluso Records.

7:30 - Briggan Krauss solo saxophone performance

8:00 - Sly Horizon

Downloads/Streaming/CDs Available here:

SLY HORIZON is a brand new group founded by a trio of well-seasoned New York based creative musicians: Rick Parker (trombone, electronics, synths), Álvaro Domene (7 string electric guitar and electronics), and Jeremy Carlstedt (drums/electronics). Rick Parker’s processed trombone functions as a focal point of enthralling lyricism, while Domene’s haunting soundscapes and metallic expressions provide the playground for Carlstedt, whose approach to drumming constantly enhances the groove and forward motion of the group’s music.


Saxophonist Briggan Krauss has been an internationally recognized key player in New York City's downtown and creative music scene for more than twenty years. He connects the extreme edges of technique with the unexplored tonal possibilities of the instrument while making his work as much about shape as it is about his unique signature sound.

$15 at the door

9:26:19 _MG_3956web.jpg

 Ricardo Gallo solo piano

9/26/19, 9:30pm

Ricardo Gallo presents in this format compositions from his repertoire for other groups in solo-piano versions, and improvised pieces. As pianist-composer, Gallo looks to minimize the distinction between improvisation and composition. Or, in other words, to present in a distilled and direct way the creative process of his music that has been known mainly through his work with other groups and collaborations with other musicians.

$15 at the door

9:27:19 HE 2.jpg


Friday, 9/27/19, 7:00 pm

Hotel Elefant, "one of New York's fastest rising new music outfits" (Time Out New York) opens its season on Friday, September 27, at Areté Venue & Gallery, with a program of music by Carlos Bandera and Sean Harold, selected from a recent call for scores; Patrick Castillo, Alexandra Gardner, and Kaija Saariaho (Oi kuu); and culminating in Lois V Vierk’s iconic 1989 masterpiece, Red Shift, for cello, electric guitar, synthesizer, and percussion.


Carlos BANDERA (b. 1993): Spirare

Patrick CASTILLO (b. 1979): The Way Things Work (2016)

Alexandra GARDNER (b. 1967): Spotted Jasper (2001)

Kaija SAARIAHO (b. 1952): Oi kuu (1990)

Sean HAROLD (b. 1984): Nachtlied (2014)

Lois V VIERK (b. 1951): Red Shift (1989)

9:30:19 Plakat.jpg



Large Furniture

10/8/19, 8:00 pm

Large Furniture is a quartet of bass players from Brooklyn, NY (Greg Chudzik, Tristan Kasten-Krause, Evan Runyon and Pat Swoboda) that decided what the world really needed was a bass quartet. Their 2019-2020 season opener features the music of Julia Wolfe, Veronika Krausas, Robert Honstein and Larry Polansky, and since they've rehearsed it now you have to listen to it.


Robert Honstein, Alone Together (2012)

Veronika Krausas, Sillages (2013)

Larry Polansky, Movement for Lou Harrison (1976/1988)

Julia Wolfe, Stronghold (2008)

10:10:19 Rug Premieres Poster FINAL.jpg

Sputterbox: Music for 8x11 Rug

10/10/19, 7:30 pm

Sputter Box presents their first premieres concert! Music for 8x11 Rug is the culmination of a true collaborative experience between performer, composer, and choreographer.

After working in collaborative composition intensives with three composers and a choreographer, Sputter Box will present a premieres concert of interdisciplinary art pieces. Kathryn Vetter (clarinet/bass clarinet), Alina Tamborini (voice), and Peter White (percussion) will perform pieces by Alan Hankers, Joe Krycia, and Christopher Lucius Newman, and choreographed by Neil Parsons. These pieces range from an exploration of a soundworld inspired by the physical act of writing to a satirical commentary on the contemporary classical music field in relation to the Millennial generation.

Tickets are $15/$10 student at the door. (Cash only)

10:13:19 CADENCE FEST.jpg




10/13/19, 7-9:00 pm

Jason Kao Hwang violin, Melanie Dyer viola, Adam Lane bass, Tomas Ulrich cello, Julian Priester trombone, Steve Swell trombone, Dave Storrs percussion, Bernard Purdie percussion

Birth of a City is in that third-stream universe that brings in aspects of classical chamber music with jazz for a more cerebral experience of musical material... Certainly an album worth exploring. Cinemusical August 2019

DAVID HANEY studied composition with Czech American composer Tomas Svoboda and piano with jazz pianist Eddie Wied. The following artists have worked and recorded with David: Roswell Rudd, Julian Priester, John Tchicai, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell, Bud Shank, Wolter Weirbos, Han Bennink, Andrew Cyrille, Bernard Purdie, Marvin Bugulu Smith, Ger-ry Hemingway, Dylan Van de Schiff, Buell Neidlinger, Dominic Duval, Adam Lane, Michael Bisio, Paul Blaney, Perry Robinson, Johannes Bauer. As a leader, Haney has over 20 albums on CIMP-USA, Cadence-USA, SLAM-UK, NoSe-So-Argentina, La Gorda-Argentina, Canada Jazz Studio-Canada.


“Mr. Haney is a pianist drawn to experimental settings, and he creates a promising one here.” The New York Times

“One of the most inventive pianists in the USA...” Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

“a pianist whose accomplishments far outranks his public profile..” Peter Monaghan, Earshot Jazz

“ of the very few post-Cecil Taylor pianists on record.” Nic Jones, Jazz Wise

“Pianist Haney has played inside and out, from Bud Shank to John Tchicai.” The Village Voice

“At times, Haney’s dexterity can sound like piano for four hands, or more accurately music for piano and percussion, though never in overwhelming fashion.” Laurence Donohue-Greene

10:19:19 acute trio.jpg

ACUTE trio

10/19/19, 5:00 pm

Kyle Hutchins | Bera Romairone | Sara Zazo

Acute Trio is a modular saxophone trio with members Kyle Hutchins (USA), Bera Romairone (Argentina), and Sara Zazo (Spain) who met at the 2016 Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Germany. Their program will consist of new works written for them by 113 (One Thirteen) Composer’s Collective members Joey Crane, Benjamin J Mansavage Klein, Sam Krahn, Joshua Musikantow, Tiffany M. Skidmore, and Adam Zahller.


Sunday, 10/20/19, 8:00 pm

Den Haag Tribute

Germaine Sijstermans: Jasminum

Vladan Kulišić: new work

Grzegorz Marciniak: melodica duets

Assaf Gidron: Group + Teodora Stepančić: Trumpet

with LCollective

Germaine, Vladan, Grzegorz, Assaf and Teodora met at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (Netherlands). There they played, composed, drank and also lived together at the legendary Stevinstraat house. Now they still play, compose and drink together.

Piano+ is a concert series dedicated to new and recent music for piano with other instruments and media, inviting composers, performers and audiences into an intimate listening experience, a space for sharing sounds, ideas and music, for open minds and ears. Curated by composer and pianist Teodora Stepančić.

doors open 7:30pm - music starts 8pm - $15



October 25th – November 6th

MOVEMENT ON FILM highlights the dialogue between the camera and body as well as celebrating embodiment, women in interdisciplinary arts, dance on film, and lineage. Featuring the work of dancer/choreographer/vocalist Janis Brenner and interdisciplinary artist Muyassar Kurdi, MOVEMENT ON FILM will present video installations by both Brenner and Kurdi, as well as original and limited edition 35mm photographic prints by Kurdi, featuring Ms. Brenner and others. On October 25th and November 6th, the artists will present performances to compliment the exhibit, as well as special screenings of “Where She Is” (2018) the experimental short by Janis Brenner and artist Bahar Behbahani as well as selections from Kurd’s 16mm film trilogy.

Opening Reception and Performance: October 25th 7–10 PM

Gallery Hours:

Oct 25th 7–10 PM

Oct 26th 12-4 PM

Oct 28th 6-9 PM

Oct 29th 6-9 PM

*Gallery hours also available by appointment


October 25th, 8:00 PM

Screenings of Muyassar’s 16mm film trilogy:

*A Song for Many Women (9m21s, 2018) is a short 16mm movement film exploring gravity, perception, and subtlety. A woman’s dance in the aftermath of war and destruction.

*Field Dances (9m17s, 2019) is a short 16mm dance film ruminating on space, scale, micromovements, and anatomy.

Playing continuously:

*Travelling (10m9s, 2017) is a short 16mm movement film, a pilgrimage, a ritual: exploring gravity, vulnerability, spaces between spaces, visual rhythm, and presence.

November 6th, 8:00 PM

Muyassar Kurdi’s voice/electronics duo performance with Lucie Vitkova

Janis Brenner’s solo excerpts of the movement-voice-theatre work Inheritance: A Litany