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There is no filming of performances without the prior knowledge and consent of *both* the performer and the venue. Please email info@aretevenue to obtain consent. Thank you for your cooperation.

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6/13/19, 8:30 pm

Tania Caroline Chen and Joe Moffett create environments of sound and kinetic energy. Utilizing piano, trumpet, and a wide array of other instruments, toys, and household objects, the duo makes improvised pieces with a spirited, absurdist bent. Each performance is a new work. Each moment within a performance is a chance for something unexpected to occur.

Azumi Oe projects her body through scenes in sound and memory, these may induce a momentary reflex activity of cells and nerves on the precipice of survival.


$15 entry at the door

Saman Samadi / Hans Tammen / Sarah Manning

6/15/19, 8:00 pm

$15 entry at the door

Ken Thomson Sextet//Bearthoven

6/16/19, 5:00pm

“Few musicians travel as assuredly and meaningfully between jazz and new music as saxophonist Ken Thomson.” - Chicago Reader. Ken Thomson’s (Bang on a Can, Gutbucket, Asphalt Orchestra) Sextet performs a rare Brooklyn show featuring music written since the group’s debut CD, released Fall 2018, which was listed as Best of 2018 by Second Inversion and AnEarful, and of which WNYC writes, “they manage to create a sound much bigger and juicier than the sum of their parts” and the NYC Jazz Record calls “immensely enjoyable, thrilling.”

Bearthoven [ \'bâr-toh-vən\ ] is a piano trio creating a new repertoire for a familiar instrumentation by commissioning works from leading young composers. Karl Larson (piano), Pat Swoboda (bass), and Matt Evans (percussion) have combined their individual voices and diverse musical backgrounds, coming together to create a versatile trio focused on frequent and innovative commissioning of up-and-coming composers. Bearthoven is rapidly building a diverse repertoire by challenging composers to apply their own voice to an instrumentation that, while common amongst jazz and pop idioms, is currently foreign in the contemporary classical world.

$15 entry at the door 

In Dreams

6/16/19, 8:00pm

This program dives into the hope and discomfort of dreams, the moments when we let go and imagine a thing wouldn't name when we're awake. When we started thinking about this program, we began with Houtaf Khoury's "Apres un reve" (2008), a modern nightmare reacting to the terror of relentless war in the Middle East: a dream of hope amidst the fatigue of fear. Hasan Ucarsu's "...the city of anachronistic nostalgia, Istanbul..." (2003) celebrates his and Derin's hometown of Istanbul, a city rich in contradictions and layers. Our adaptation of Claude Debussy's "Bilitis", a collection of 12 sensual poems attributed to Sappho, dreams of desire. Finally, Michael Fiday's "Nine Haiku" (2007) is one of our favorite pieces to perform and sets works by 8th century poet Basho with flashes of powerful images, dreams that come into focus for only a moment before they vanish.

$15 entry at the door


 Either/Or Ensemble

6/18/19, 8:00pm

Winner of the 2015 CMA/ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming, Either/Or is a flexible chamber ensemble based in New York City that presents a repertoire of new and recent chamber music informed equally by American Experimentalism and European avant-garde practice, with special emphasis on artists outside the institutional mainstream and on works exploring nontraditional ensemble formations.  Directors Richard Carrick (conductor/piano) and David Shively (percussion/cimbalom) curate its programming, drawing on a broader collective of 17 regular soloists (and guests) to realize the unique requirements of each project.  Since its founding in 2004, Either/Or has premiered more than 125 works (as well as dozens of student compositions), toured throughout the US and Sweden, and recorded for labels such as New Focus, New World Records, Starkland, and Sterling Classics.

On Tuesday, June 18th, Either/Or presents Interactions, a program of works that focus on essentialized forms of communication. Compositions include the classic John Zorn game piece Hockey (1978), graphic scores by Merche Blasco (Bardenas) and Zeena Parkins (Lace Pieces) , Gérard Grisey’s ecstatic Solo pour Deux for bass clarinet and trombone (Vasko Dukovsky and Chris McIntyre respectively), and the US Premiere of Johan Svensson’s Marionette for cello (John Popham) and electro-mechanical devices.


“The excellent New York ensemble Either/Or…gave a well-honed, riveting reading of this piece” — Alex Ross, The New Yorker

“Either/Or, an ensemble that plays by its own rules” — Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

“Either/Or, a new and first-rate new-music ensemble” — Bernard Holland, The New York Times

“Either/Or, one of the most prominent new-music ensembles in New York, opened with a hallucinatory account of Giacinto Scelsi’s “Pranam II,” a work of haunting intensity and breathy flow.” — Steve Smith, The New York Times

$15 entry at the door

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6/27/19, 7:30 pm

David Taylor, Felix Del Tredici – bass trombones Kalun Leung, David Whitwell – tenor trombones

So Wrong It’s Right presents: Let Light Perpetual Shine

With works by Bartòk, Berio, Bhagwati, Faure, Globokar, Leung, Taylor, Schubert, and Schnyder


$15 at the door

 Nick Millevoi / Ron Stabinsky Duo

7/3/19, 7:00 pm

Nick Millevoi and Ron Stabinsky play a new set of music composed by Millevoi that references American popular music from the middle of the 20th century. Leaning heavily on surf, country, and rock and roll, this guitar and organ duo reconstructs elements of those genres through a lens indebted to artists as far out as Thelonious Monk and Captain Beefheart.


$15 entry at the door

 Matt Nelson / Ron Stabinsky Duo

7/9/19, 7:30 pm

Matt Nelson, soprano and tenor saxophones

Ron Stabinsky, piano

After years of playing together in other larger projects, Matt Nelson (GRID, Battle Trance, Elder Ones, Flying Luttenbachers) and Ron Stabinsky (Peter Evans Ensemble, MOPDtK, Meat Puppets) have finally decided to collaborate on their own. This performance is the debut of this duo, and it also represents their first time playing together in a completely acoustic setting--just two saxophones and a grand piano in an intimate setting with no effects or amplification.

$15 at the door


7/12/19, 7:30 pm

if.else is organized by flutists Philip Snyder and Jenny Davis. They are interested in finding creative space at the intersections of installation art, audience agency, musical concert, and improvisation. Their performance seeks to create a shared space of discovery by inviting visitors to create sounds with simple electronic instruments, their voices, and their phones while the duo improvises in response to the sounds of the room. Visitors to the performance space are welcome to experiment with the shared sound world by playing with the provided oscillators or by simply listening.

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 Tammy Evans Yonce + Melissa Keeling: SLIDING LIFE

7/18/19, 7:00 pm

Tammy Evans Yonce is associate professor of music at South Dakota State University and a Powell Flutes Artist. Melissa Keeling is an International Trevor James Flute Artist known for using effects pedals such as delay and looping. Both of their latest solo albums include music for flute with Glissando Headjoint, a headjoint with a sliding mechanism which radically expands the sonic and expressive possibilities of the flute. For this concert, they team up to present SLIDING LIFE, featuring premieres of new music for solo flute, flute with Glissando Headjoint, and flute with effects pedals.

Tammy Evans Yonce

Melissa Keeling

$15 entry at the door

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The Pieces That Fall to Earth

Christopher Cerrone Album Release Event

8/2/19, 8:00 pm

This album represents the culmination of more than three years of work. It is a collaboration between me and many friends: Christopher Rountree, Wild Up, Nick Tipp, Lindsay Kesselman, Theo Bleckmann, and the many singers featured on The Branch Will Not Break. Each person brought something unique and indelible to this album; what you are hearing goes so far beyond what’s on the pages of my scores.

In addition to the above collaborators, the authors Kay Ryan, Bill Knott, and James Wright profoundly inspired the music that I wrote. I feel that by setting their disparate languages, I have composed three works that are kindred spirits, but whose differences are as profound as their similarities.

— Chris Cerrone

$20 entry includes a copy of the CD

Shoko Nagai/ Satoshi Takeishi’ s Abysm

8/27/19, 8:30 pm

Shoko Nagai (compositions, piano, electronics)/ Satoshi Takeishi(compositions, drums, prepared hammered dulcimer, modular synth)

ABYSM" is a series of compositions by New York based Satoshi Takeishi and Shoko Nagai incorporating Piano, Accordion, Percussion and several other acoustic instruments with electronics to explore the possibilities of the sound texture as well as the musical elements. Their goal is to express the "abyss" of the fundamental elements of the sound. The style of compositions includes Jazz, contemporary classical music and free improvisation. They music has been described as "almost visible to the listener.”

$15 at the door