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There is no filming of performances without the prior knowledge and consent of *both* the performer and the venue. Please email info@aretevenue to obtain consent. Thank you for your cooperation.

ADMISSION is generally $15 at the door, unless otherwise stated

SORA Quartet, with Emile Blondel and Shawn Barnett

10/18/2019, 7:30pm

Brooklyn-based SORA Quartet has been presenting performances of 19th, 20th and 21st century chamber music since 2015, in accessible and diverse locations including Endicott College's Summer String Music Festival, an unveiling of Jae Rhim Lee's sustainable mushroom burial suit at the Ace Hotel, and theaters and salons throughout the City. For this performance, SORA Quartet is joined by two guests — pianist Emile Blondel and violinist Shawn Barnett — for a chamber music recital that spans Romanticism, Impressionism and Modernism.

The evening’s program includes:

Piano Quartet #1 in C minor, by Gabriel Faure (1879)

Piano Trio in A minor by Maurice Ravel (1914)

“Already it is Dusk” (String Quartet No. 1) by Henryk Górecki 1990)

10:19:19 acute trio.jpg

ACUTE trio

10/19/19, 5:00 pm

Kyle Hutchins | Bera Romairone | Sara Zazo

Acute Trio is a modular saxophone trio with members Kyle Hutchins (USA), Bera Romairone (Argentina), and Sara Zazo (Spain) who met at the 2016 Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Germany. Their program will consist of new works written for them by 113 (One Thirteen) Composer’s Collective members Joey Crane, Benjamin J Mansavage Klein, Sam Krahn, Joshua Musikantow, Tiffany M. Skidmore, and Adam Zahller.



10/19/19, 8:00 pm

Canvasounds, a collective of international composers, artists, and sound designers acting as curators in the United States, will present a multi-disciplinary concert of (7) new works of music, rendered by Amalgama (, for various configurations of the ensemble, in tandem with movement, live painting, and shadow projection.

The musical component of the event features the works of Diana M. Rodriguez, Aidi Shirazi, Hesam Abedini, George Katehis, Gabriel Bouche Caro, Lee Gilbao and Stylianos Dimou.

The artists working adjancently/in antithesis with these pieces (during, in-between, and at the various peripheries of pauses, breaks, breaths) are Deniz Khateri (dance, theatre, shadow), and Maryam Khosrovani (paint). The goal of this concert, as in all of the events we curate, is an attempt at establishing a kind of polyrhythmic interdisciplinarity: drawing points of connection between the peripheries of noise and shadow, sound and light, musical performance and bodily movement. In drawing these connections, we envision a social responsibility of culture by curating a body of contemporary and experimental works by artists and composers of different backgrounds internationally as projected onto the United States.


Sunday, 10/20/19, 8:00 pm

Den Haag Tribute

Germaine Sijstermans: Jasminum

Vladan Kulišić: new work

Grzegorz Marciniak: melodica duets

Assaf Gidron: Group + Teodora Stepančić: Trumpet

with LCollective

Germaine, Vladan, Grzegorz, Assaf and Teodora met at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (Netherlands). There they played, composed, drank and also lived together at the legendary Stevinstraat house. Now they still play, compose and drink together.

Piano+ is a concert series dedicated to new and recent music for piano with other instruments and media, inviting composers, performers and audiences into an intimate listening experience, a space for sharing sounds, ideas and music, for open minds and ears. Curated by composer and pianist Teodora Stepančić.

doors open 7:30pm - music starts 8pm - $15

 Peach&Tomato The Ultimate Pairing CD Release Concert

Fung Chern Hwei’s Fungal Bloom

10/23/19, 8:00 pm

8pm Fung Chern Hwei's Fungal Bloom

-Fung Chern Hwei, violin

-Colin Hinton, drums

-Shawn Lovato, bass

9pm Peach and Tomato

-Sana Nagano, violin

-Leonor Falcon, viola

GGN FALL_19.jpg


locations throughout Greenpoint
Friday, October 25, 2019 • 6-9 PM

G Train to Greenpoint Ave or Nassau Ave

We are pleased to announce the 15th edition of Greenpoint Gallery Night, a neighborhood gallery crawl spotlighting exhibition spaces and other venues that host exhibits throughout Greenpoint. Select neighborhood galleries and businesses that feature art will be participating on Friday, October 25th, from 6-9pm. Please join us in celebrating the diverse and unique art scene in this corner of Brooklyn!

Participating locations for October 25th include:

Areté • 67 West St #103

The Java Project • 252 Java St

Auxiliary Projects • 212 Norman Ave

Calico • 67 West St #203

The Yard • 33 Nassau Ave

Dusty Rose • 67 West St #216

Soft Opening • 570 Manhattan Ave

Brouwerij Lane • 78 Greenpoint Ave

Some exhibition details include: 

The opening of Movement on Film at Areté featuring the work of dancer/choreographer/vocalist Janis Brenner and interdisciplinary artist Muyassar Kurdi;  Masquerade, featuring photography, drawings, and other works by Miles Ladin at The Java Project;  paintings by Christian DeFilippo at Calico;  textile works by Frank Locke at Dusty Rose;  Greenpoint-based paintings by Greenpoint-based artist, Steve Wasterval, at Brouwerij Lane;  Paper Trail, an exhibition of sculpture and installation by painter Allison Gildersleeve at Auxiliary Projects;  ...and more to be announced!

Greenpoint Gallery Night is a grassroots neighborhood event established in 2013, organized by Scott Chase of Calico.



October 25th – November 6th

MOVEMENT ON FILM highlights the dialogue between the camera and body as well as celebrating embodiment, women in interdisciplinary arts, dance on film, and lineage. Featuring the work of dancer/choreographer/vocalist Janis Brenner and interdisciplinary artist Muyassar Kurdi, MOVEMENT ON FILM will present video installations by both Brenner and Kurdi, as well as original and limited edition 35mm photographic prints by Kurdi, featuring Ms. Brenner and others. On October 25th and November 6th, the artists will present performances to compliment the exhibit, as well as special screenings of “Where She Is” (2018) the experimental short by Janis Brenner and artist Bahar Behbahani as well as selections from Kurdi’s 16mm film trilogy.

Opening Reception and Performance: October 25th 7–10 PM

Gallery Hours:

Oct 25th 7–10 PM

Oct 26th 12-4 PM

Oct 28th 6-9 PM

Oct 29th 6-9 PM

*Gallery hours also available by appointment


October 25th, 8:00 PM

Screenings of Muyassar’s 16mm film trilogy:

A Song for Many Women (9m21s, 2018) is a short 16mm movement film exploring gravity, perception, and subtlety. A woman’s dance in the aftermath of war and destruction.

Field Dances (9m17s, 2019) is a short 16mm dance film ruminating on space, scale, micromovements, and anatomy.

“Where She Is” (19m39s, 2018) the experimental short by Janis Brenner and artist Bahar Behbahani

Playing continuously:

Travelling (10m9s, 2017) is a short 16mm movement film, a pilgrimage, a ritual: exploring gravity, vulnerability, spaces between spaces, visual rhythm, and presence.

Where She Is (2018) the experimental short by Janis Brenner and artist Bahar Behbahani

November 6th, 8:00 PM

Muyassar Kurdi’s voice/electronics duo performance with Lucie Vítková

Janis Brenner’s solo excerpts of the movement-voice-theatre work Inheritance: A Litany AND screening of “Where She Is” (19m39s, 2018) the experimental short by Janis Brenner and artist Bahar Behbahani

11:4:19 dario fariello.jpeg

Dario Fariello

with Michelle Yom, Matt Mottel, Paul Feitzinger

Monday, 11/4/19, 8:00 pm

Dario Fariello is a saxophonist devoted to improvised music. He lived and worked in Naples, Bologna, Milan, Berlin and Oslo, founding Multiversal, a nomad festival series featuring a wide international network of improv and noise musicians. He has collaborated with: Gino Robair, Eugene Chadbourne, Butch Morris, James Brown, Calle Neumann, Tristan Honsinger, Alexei Borisov, Tomomi Adachi, Alexander Chernyshkov, Marina Poleukhina, Harri Sjöström, Steve Heather and many others. With Norbert Stammberger he organizes the yearly Tubax Festival in Munich, dedicated to the tubax saxophone, the contrabass clarinet and other special instruments manufactured by Benedikt Eppelsheim. Dario is visiting New York to take part in the Unit Structures festival dedicated to the work of Cecil Taylor, and decided to team up with some excellent local improvisers for a musical evening at Areté featuring two sets and several different constellations.


Dario Fariello - alto and soprillo saxes, vcv rack

Michelle Yom - flutes

Matt Mottel - keyboards

Paul Feitzinger - percussion


The 7 Houses: Night River

Sunday, 11/10/19, 5:00 pm

In 2011 Matt Lavelle created the 12 Houses Orchestra, comprised mostly of musicians he has collaborated with over a 20 year period in New York City. The 12 Houses have performed thirty-five concerts in New York City as of March 2016. Currently the 12 Houses have an every Sunday residency at Nublu in downtown New York City, and have a book of over 50 compositions. Lavelle has played and collaborated with Ornette Coleman, William Parker, Warren Smith, Henry Grimes, Eric Mingus, Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Jemeel Moondoc, Mat Maneri, Ras Moshe, Hilliard Greene, Steve Swell, Matana Roberts, Bern Nix, Jack DeSalvo, Charles Downs, Tom Cabrera, Francois Grillot, Giuseppi Logan, William Hooker and many others.

With over 20 appearances as a sideman on record, Lavelle has also released six records as a leader: Handling the Moment (2002), Trumpet Rising, Bass Clarinet Moon (2004), Spiritual Power (2006), Manifestation Drama (2009), and Goodbye New York, Hello World (2011), and Solidarity (2016). In addition, Lavelle is a prolific blogger and writer. He published his first book, New York City Subway Drama and Beyond in 2011. In 2013 Lavelle published a second book called The Jazz Musician’s Tarot Deck. Lavelle is also author of the blog No Sound Left Behind.

11:10:19 .jpg

Georgia Rae with Rose Kow Xiu Yi and Karl Henry

Sunday, 11/10/19, 8:00 pm

November 8th through the10th three string players with varying musical backgrounds all come together for an eclectic night of “futuristic folk, funk, hip hop, and jazz”. But how did so many sounds come together in one place? Karl Henry(cello), Rose(violin) and Georgia Rae(violin) met at Creative Strings Workshop, where musicians from around the world come together to learn and collaborate. The night will be filled with music from Karl Henry from Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Rose, born in Singapore and now based in New York, and Georgia Rae, from Richmond, Illinois. Each artist brings their own individual flavor and style and you won’t want to miss them twisting it all together

The Nouveau Classical Project presents

Line : Voices

Wednesday, 11/13/19, 8:00 pm

Featuring the world premiere of the Nouveau Classical Project’s latest commission, mini_014 by Paul Pinto, Line: voices inhabits the physicality of text and emotional intimacy of collective performance through three non-traditional works that explore group chant, verbalization, and reactive impulses, and instructive scores. The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP) is a New York-based contemporary classical music ensemble that is "bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre" (VICE). It began by collaborating with fashion designers for its concerts and has expanded to creating multidisciplinary performances. Its mission is to engage new audiences and show that classical music is a living, breathing art form. 

To provide opportunities for composers, NCP holds annual Calls for Scores, Calls for Proposals, and commissions new work via the NCP Commissioning Fund. The collaborative nature of its work also allows the ensemble to create opportunities for artists from a variety of disciplines. 

NCP has performed at exciting venues such as Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Fisher, (le) poisson rouge, Galapagos Art Space, Symphony Space, The Center for Fiction, and Issue Project Room as part of MATA’s Interval series. Fashion shows include CFDA winner Pamela Love, Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones, Kempner Collection, Ecco Domani winner Novis, Tanya Taylor, and more. Its projects are supported by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), and other generous foundations and individual donors.


mini_014 by Paul Pinto (World Premiere)

She Lapsed 12 Times Into Feigned Lines by Bethany Younge (New York Premiere)

Boundary Music by Mieko Shiomi

Admission: $15 advance / $20 door



Looking For The Bells

Paul Steven Ray/Sandy Pliego

Thursday, 11/14/19, 7:00 pm

Paul Steven Ray is a composer/improviser/sound artist who has been a fixture of the NYC experimental music scene for years.  With Looking for the Bells, he and graphic designer Sandy Pliego collaborate to create a poetic soundscape for electronics, guitar, laptop, and voice with recorded and live video.

11:17:19 wonderland.jpg

The Wonderland Series Premiere and Party

Sunday, 11/17/19, 7:00 pm

The Wonderland Series by Anna Heflin is a 38-minute solo opera for singing, speaking, and acting violinist Shannon Reilly. Reilly is joined onstage by accompanying pre-recorded audio and video, all of which features her portraying the various characters. There are three layers to the piece: the music which is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s writings, scholarly research about the work and Charles Dodgson, and the character of Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson which uses quotes from the author. After falling into Wonderland, the listener will encounter Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson, The Scholar, Alice, The Queen, the Garden of Live Flowers, the Playing Cards, Dinah and others over the course of their journey. Themes in the work include the law, Dodgson’s obsession with 42 and its relevance to Christianity and the Jabberwocky, the Carroll/Dodgson split identity, how Darwin’s work influenced Alice in Wonderland and more. This all may sound dreadfully confusing, but that’s the effect of living backwards! Reilly will perform the work memorized at Areté Venue in Greenpoint Brooklyn on November 17 (a very important date) at 7pm.



Beautee & Bountee: An Arthurian Refraction

11/24/19, 4:00 pm

Medieval ensemble ALKEMIE joins forces with composer ELLIOT COLE to reanimate the ancient tales of King Arthur in their new program “Beautee & Bountee: An Arthurian Refraction.” In this new project – a co-commission between 5BMF and Alkemie – Cole combines old words and new music through settings of episodes from 14th-century Middle English texts that weave together spoken word, monophonic and poly-textual song, and instrumental commentary. Materials and methods inspired by the Worcester Fragments – one of the very few extant musical records of medieval England – punctuate the program. Flashes of transmuted melodies act as points of light that are variously refracted and recombined by Alkemie’s collection of period and modern instruments, including medieval fiddles and reeds, recorders, harps, harmonium, and electric bass.

Founded in 2013, ALKEMIE exists to explore and share the life-affirming and alternative perspectives to be experienced in the sounds of centuries past. Comprised of five singer-performers playing over a dozen instruments (including vieles, harps, recorders, douçaines, and percussion), the ensemble has a particular interest in the porous boundaries between the court and folk music of the medieval period. Grounded in historical performance practice and fed by a love of experimentation, Alkemie’s members are also committed to the lively teaching of medieval and Renaissance performance practice and history.

TRACY COWART › voice, harp


ELENA MULLINS › voice, percussion

NICCOLO SELIGMANN › viele, viola a chiavi, percussion

SIAN RICKETTS › voice, recorders, douçaines

With guest artists:

ELLIOT COLE › composer; voice, harmonium, electric bass

BEN MATUS › voice, dulcian

photog: Muyassar Kurdi

photog: Muyassar Kurdi

GHOST ENSEMBLE: Universe Sings

Sunday, 11/24/19, 8:00pm

Ghost Ensemble presents an evening of music exploring the physicality and spirituality of sound, with four works new to the ensemble, including two world premieres.

Kevin Kay’s The Universe is Vibrating (2016), a winner of Ghost Ensemble’s 2018 Call for Scores, creates spacious and sensuous resonances, illuminating shimmering swaths of the harmonic series from deep harp rumbles up to delicate high harmonics and whistle tones. The piece surprises and delights when these aperiodic textures erupt into sparkling bursts of repetition. Pauline Oliveros’s Horse Sings from Cloud (1975), a classic sonic meditation for ensemble, asks performers to sustain tones or sounds until any desire to change them subsides, at which point the time for change has come. A slowly morphing drone emerges that guides audience and ensemble alike toward altered modes of listening and consciousness. The concert further features new works composed for Ghost Ensemble in 2019 by Assaf Gidron (for flute, harp, and viola) and Ben Richter (for solo bass flute). Assaf Gidron is a composer, sound designer, and performer on cello, guitar, and electronics, and a member of the New York musician and artist group LCollective. Ben Richter is a composer, accordionist, and director of Ghost Ensemble.

Program, in concert order:

Ben Richter: new work*

Kevin Kay: The Universe is Vibrating

Assaf Gidron: new work*

Pauline Oliveros: Horse Sings from Cloud

* World premiere

TICKETS: $15 general / $10 students

Press: contact for press tickets

11:26:19 Maryanne de Prophetis.jpg


11/26/19, 8:00 pm

FIDOqrtet is a free improvising ensemble that draws from the musicians' many varied musical influences.

FIDO experiences a wide spontaneous, emotional range. The outcome is often very compositional, within its constantly free, beginner's mind approach. The ensemble started playing together in December of 2012, and is looking forward to it's first recorded release late Fall or early Winter of 2019/2020.

Maryanne de Prophetis, voice

Shoko Nagai, piano/processor

Ron Horton, trumpet/flugelhorn

Satoshi Takeishi, drums, percussion

You can listen to excerpts here.

12:14:19 GC by Ralph Phillips.jpg

 Gerald Cleaver/Brandon Lopez/Fred Lawless

Thursday, 12/12/19, 8:00 pm

The three are experienced sidemen as well as seasoned leaders, coming together to freely improvise and to create a unique soundscape.