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There is no filming of performances without the prior knowledge and consent of *both* the performer and the venue. Please email info@aretevenue to obtain consent. Thank you for your cooperation.

SARAH BERNSTEIN UNEARTHISH with Satoshi Takeishi // Anthony Coleman and Shelley Hirsch

12/11/18, 7pm and 8pm, $15 at the door


Double bill of two fantastic duos: Sarah Bernstein’s poetry/music project Unearthish with Satoshi Takeishi followed by heroes and icons Shelley Hirsch and Anthony Coleman in a rare duo outing.

Bernstein's compositions for violin and voice – equal parts avant-garde jazz, spoken word, and minimalist pop – are joined by Takeishi's expressive mastery on the drums. The duo will perform pieces from their recent release "Crazy Lights Shining”.

"Violinist/poet Sarah Bernstein has created compositions that are post-Beat holistic works of art." - NYC Jazz Record

SARAH BERNSTEIN is a New York-based composer and violinist whose work incorporates vocals, electronics, improvisation and original text. She is known for her fiery multidisciplinary performances, and has garnered international acclaim for her distinctive recordings.

Pianist – Composer ANTHONY COLEMAN has been one of the key figures of New York music for nearly four decades. His work bridges the gap between Composition and Improvisation, Uptown and Downtown, and spans a wide range of genres and practices including Free Improvisation, Jazz, Jewish music (of various types), and Contemporary Chamber Music.

SHELLEY HIRSCH Hailed as a “woman of a thousand voices” by The New York Times, Shelley Hirsch has been pushing boundaries for decades with her unique vocal art and performance work, drawing on her life experiences, her memory, and her vivid imagination. Hirsch’s mostly solo multimedia performances, compositions, improvisations, electronic music pieces, sound installations, collaborations and radio plays have been produced and presented in concert halls, clubs, festivals, theaters, museums, galleries and on radio, film and television on five continents.


RAGE: Lester St. Louis/Michelle Lou

12/12/18, 7:30pm

Tickets: $15/10 at the door

Performers: Matt Barbier, Weston Olencki, Lester St. Louis 

RAGE THORMBONES [Matt Barbier + Weston Olencki] present two collaborative works for the first time on US soil. Conceptual video avatars meet an angry rave party with ~80 feet of industrial grade plastic tubing. 

Lester St. Louis - Proxy Medium 
Michelle Lou - HEXA


12:12:18 Lauren.jpg

1s, 2s, and 3s: Round Robin Improvisations

12/12/18, 9:30pm

$15 at the door

One, two or three performers will perform 1, 2, or 3 minute acoustic improvised pieces, with the focus on performers who have either never worked together or who have seldom worked together to create a truly surprising and inspiring experience.


Lauren Lee, piano/voice, David Tamura, tenor sax, Prawit Siriwat, guitar, Adam Dym, bass clarinet, David Yerznykan, alto sax, Caitlin Cawley, percussion, Andrea Wolper, voice Leonid Galaganov, percussion, Damien Olsen, piano, Leonor Falcon Pasquali, violin

Convergences Series III

Jen Shyu's ZERO GRASSES (working title, work-in-progress) // Seth Parker Woods

12/13/18, 8pm, $15 at the door

Jen Shyu solo ZERO GRASSES (working title, work in progress)

ZERO GRASSES is a new solo ritual music drama based on humanity's increasing struggle to communicate with nature. Influenced by Japanese noh theater and a wealth of other traditional musics, dances, and languages, Jen will be using her voice, body, instruments, and electronics to tell an urgent yet timeless new story.

2016 Doris Duke Artist, Fulbright scholar, multilingual vocalist-composer-instrumentalist-dancer JEN SHYU is “one of the most creative vocalists in contemporary improvised music” (The Nation). Born in Peoria, Illinois, to Taiwanese and East Timorese immigrants, she was the first female and vocalist as bandleader on Pi Recordings, 2017 DownBeat Rising Star Female Vocalist, producing 7 albums. A Stanford graduate, she’s performed her music at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, BAM, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. Her acclaimed album Song of Silver Geese (Pi 2017) was among NY Times’ “Best Albums of 2017” and Nine Doors, one of NY Times’“5 Standout Shows” (2018).


Seth Parker Woods : Dehiscence

Critiqued as "a cellist of power and grace" (The Guardian), cellist Seth Parker Woods has established a diverse career that straddles the worlds of classical, contemporary, electronics and performance art. He worked with artists ranging from Heinz Holier, G.F. Haas, and Klaus Lang to Peter Gabriel, Sting,and Aldo Tambellini. He holds a PhD in Performance from the University of Huddersfield (UK).


Giacinto Scelsi- Maknongan (1976) for any bass instrument

Oliver Thurley- Khepri (2017/18) for solo cello * **

Nathalie Joachim- Dam Mwen Yo (2017)

Jürg Frey- Music of Unknown Gardens (2018) WP **

Monty Adkins- Winter Tendrils (2015) for cello and tape **

Giacinto Scelsi- Triphon: Jeunesse, Energie (1975)

*New York Premiere

** Written for Seth Parker Woods


Convergences brings together musicians at the highest levels of contemporary practice from divergent scenes and communities on shared bills, with the aim of opening up new lines of dialogue and interaction between these practices and their audiences and community members. Curated by avant-garde jazz saxophonist/flutist/composer Anna Webber and composer/pianist Eric Wubbels, the series highlights the common aesthetic threads between various traditions of improvised, composed, and notated music, as well as the strength and versatility of New York City's musicians. The first three concerts of Convergences feature musicians from across the spectrum of the New York music community, working at various intersections of jazz, experimental, classical, new music, and noise, each a remarkable solo performer in their own right.

*ARETE members discount


SolstICE Celebration

Sunday, 12/16/18, 3 pm – 9 pm

suggested/free will donation, RSVP

These 12 albums are so big and bold, they deserve a SIX HOUR PARTY to celebrate! Join us to celebrate albums featuring members of the International Contemporary Ensemble, including those released on our own record label, Tundra.

*Performances every hour! Plus time to listen to tracks from albums, drink, eat, and enjoy each other's company.

*This party isn't just about celebrating ICE, it's to also celebrate all of you—our ICE family! From going to concerts to making a donation, everyone's icey love has made what the ensemble is today.

*So...let's party together to celebrate 12 albums from the last 12 months of 2018 as we count down to the shortest day of the year—the Winter SolstICE!

Featuring ICE members:

Rebekah Heller, bassoon

Claire Chase, flute

Ross Karre, percussion

Nathan Davis, percussion

Levy Lorenzo, percussion & electronics

Josh Modney, violin

Jacob Greenberg, harmonium

Joshua Rubin, clarinet

Isabel Gleicher, flute

Dan Lippel, guitar

Ryan Muncy, saxophone

... and more!

More info:

--> Free Entry | $20 suggested donation

--> Silent Auction

--> Performances every hour—highlights include: pieces from Du Yun's Dinosaur Scar, Anna Thorvaldsdottir's Sequences, and selections from Nathan Davis' Hagoromo

Will Lang’s Tuesday Night Mega Power Concerts:

Nate Wooley / Josh Sinton / William Lang

12/18/18, 7:00, 8:00 & 9:00 pm, each $10 at the door or $20 for all three sets

7 pm - Nate Wooley

8 pm - Josh Sinton

9 pm - loadbang solo portrait: William Lang

Come see three of New York's most adventurous soloists share new material at Arete Tuesday, December 18th. At 7 pm Nate Wooley, trumpeter extrodaniare, will be presenting a new version of Coyote (Brooklyn 2018), while at 8 pm low reeds specialist Josh Sinton will be sharing his new show idbrule (for b.s). Stick around for a 9 pm set, loadbang presents: William Lang, featuring the adventurous quartet's trombonist in solo works by Dai Fujikura, Thanos Chrysakis, Yu Kuwabara, and Klaus Hubner. $10 per set or $20 for all three.

*ARETE members discount

Gabriel Zucker's Weighting \\ Fay Victor + Val-Inc

12/19/18, 8pm & 9pm, $15

12:18:19 ZuckerWeightingLoRes.jpg

Fay Victor + Val-Inc - 8pm

FAY VICTOR is an improvising vocalist, composer, lyricist and educator riding all the chasms and seams of musics that are improvisational and conversational in nature.
"Val-Inc (Val Jeanty) is a Haitian-born com- poser, percussionist and turntablist, who uses technology to lead listeners into her dream- like expressionism of Afro-Electronica compositions. She incorporates her African Haitian Musical traditions into the present and beyond, combining acoustics with electronics, the archaic with the post-modern."

Val-Inc (electronics, percussion, and turntables)
Fay Victor - voice, texts

Gabriel Zucker's Weighting - 9pm

Gabriel Zucker is a pianist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from New York, whose work combines maximalist compositions with the progressive improvisation of New York’s creative music scene. Weighting, Zucker’s fourth studio album and second on ESP-Disk’, is an extended composition inspired by Rachel Kushner’s novel The Flamethrowers.

Gabriel Zucker - piano, compositions

Adam O'Farrill - trumpet

Eric Trudel - saxophone

Kate Gentile - drums

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Fides Krucker and Tim Motzer

12/20/18, 8:30pm, $15 at the door

Duo with Toronto avant-garde opera vocalist Fides Krucker and guitarist Tim Motzer. This is a record release and first time performance in the US for this duo. Their forthcoming album is entitled Vanishing and is being released on 1k Recordings.

Fides Krucker is an innovative interpreter and creator of vocal music in Canada and abroad. She founded the interdisciplinary performance ensemble URGE; their fifth and final work was published by Playwrights Canada in 2015. Her company, Good Hair Day Productions created and produced the groundbreaking lyric-theatre pieces: Girl With No Door On Her Mouth (Bartley/Carson); CP Salon, an r n’ b love and disability show with Kazumi Tsuruoka, now an NFB film; Julie Sits Waiting (Dufort/Walmsley), a sexual catastrophe, electroacoustic opera nominated for five Doras; and In This Body, an emotional landscape of Canadian pop songs by women sung by Fides and danced by Peggy Baker, Laurence Lemieux and Heidi Strauss. It premiered at Canadian Stage last season and a CD featuring musicians Rob Clutton, Tania Gill and Germaine Liu is available through Fides has collaborated extensively with Peggy Baker Dance Projects composing vocal scores for the dancers of land/body/breath (at the AGO and National Gallery), locus plot and phase space, for which she received a composition award. She sang like a mermaid for both the theatre production and recording of DIVE (Nik Beeson/Richard Sanger.) Her recording of Berio’s Folk Songs with Vancouver’s Turning Point Ensemble has just been released on the European label Orlando and is available online at Amazon. Fides teaches voice at Humber College and facilitates vocal work for a wide range of Toronto artists including Chicago’s Walkabout Theater. She is editing the final draft of her book, Good Girls Don’t Sing, initially researched through a Chalmers’ Arts Fellowship.

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Techno Love activation with artist Cynthia Alberto

12/21/18, 7-8pm, free will donation

Techno Love Series

Cynthia Alberto, artist/weaver

Materials: Cotton, Neon Ropes

The Techno Love Series is inspired by the euphoric feeling of connecting with a community through music. It is comprised of 30 woven “cocoons” which are pieces of wearable art. This curatorial approach references Cynthia’s desire for her work to remain inclusive to all communities, rather than an untouchable object.

While wearing the “cocoon” one feels a sense of both protection and liberation due to the weight of the ropes. The weight of the “cocoons” was inspired by the use of Sensory Pressure Vests which are used particularly with children or individuals who are over stimulated. Being inside the weaving offers enough of a mask from the surrounding environment that users are able to let go and move more freely without the fear of judgement. The result is an inclusive wearable piece of art which evokes a sense of playfulness, reflection, peace, and escape which is very similar to that of being in a techno festival.

The ropes woven into the pieces were re purposed from an exhibition last summer at MoMA PS1 called “Weaving the Courtyard” by Estudio Escobedo Soliz. It was important for both Escobedo Soliz and Cynthia to address the amount of waste produced by the art world by not letting the ropes go to waste but instead reworking them into new pieces of art.

1:3:19 Steven Long prncx 3.png


1/3/19, 7pm, $15

PRNCX is an ever-changing cast of 10 players, whose members stem from musically diverse spheres of jazz, free improvisation, contemporary classical, son jarocho, and indie-rock. Each performance condenses and stretches compositions to fit the given iteration, constantly unearthing novel aspect of a set repertoire, via compositions which place choice and freedom at the fore. In this way, the music is truly reflective of the distinct identities of the musicians on any given performance, while also clearly placing delimiting and structural elements throughout a piece. The upcoming performance for septet aims to highlight the unique discrepancies uncovered by this process and to ask the question: how are the power structures in a piece of music a reflection or refutation of our world at large?

Joanna Mattrey - violin

Amanda Ekery - voice

Gabe Garcia - alto sax

Travis Bliss - tenor sax

Nick Neuburg - drums

Ross Wightman - bass

1:3:19 Samadi Quintet.jpeg

Saman Samadi Quintet at Areté

1/3/19, 9pm, $15

Founded by composer Saman Samadi, an Iranian national with extensive training in both Persian and Western musical traditions, the quintet is comprised entirely of New York City musicians, alumni from the Manhattan School of Music. Their sound is unique, paving new ground between modern jazz and contemporary classical styles. Their signature sounds can evoke the newest avant-garde outliers of advanced 21st century compositional work, or embody an early 20th century songspiel-like lyricism, channelling the rational integrity of Stockhausen, the polyrhythmic world of Reich, the aberrant sounds of Sciarrino, coupled with the expressive freedom of Don Cherry, all the while making a fait accompli of intricate poeticisms a la Rumi or Hafez. The Quintet defies easy categorization and prefers to not get caught up in genre signaling. Improvisational acumen is both the achievement and goal of this group.

Amber Evans, soprano; Caitlin Cawley, percussion; Martin Movagh, trumpet; Sam Zagnit, double bass, and Saman Samadi, piano.


Letters to My Future Self, CD Release Party!

1/11/19, 8:30pm, $20 at the door, complimentary wine


Nick Revel is a violist, composer, improviser, and producer. Come celebrate the release of his debut album on Centaur Records of all-original compositions, layered improvisations, and sound-designs! Letters to My Future Self will take you on a musical journey through the inside of his mind. This self-produced, self-composed, and self-recorded collection breaks preconceived notions of what a viola can do in a constantly-morphing soundscape of styles and genres.

Special guests include Trifecta Trio, Hamilton Berry, and David Veslocki.

Nick Revel is the founding violist of PUBLIQuartet, which was string quartet in residence for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's “MetLiveArts” 2016/17 season. PQ has been presented by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall, the Joyce Theater, National Sawdust, Dizzy's Coca Cola Club, and the Newport Jazz Festival. As a composer Nick's 2017 commission “In DayDream” for viola and guitar was premiered in Carnegie Hall on April 10, 2017 and was selected as a winner of Indiana State University's Music Now Call for scores in October 2018.

Nick Revel

1:10:19 trumpet marmalade.jpg

Trumpet Marmalade

1/10/19, 8:30, $15

Greg Hammontree’s Trumpet Marmalade, consists of four-NYC hailing, old-school dixieland style jazz musicians call upon Louis Armstrong for inspiration.The virtuosic solos mixed with a down-low n dirty swing feel capture the soul of jazz and the love of trumpets.

“These guys really kick ass!” -Louis Armstrong
“I remember all those famous solos!” -...some jazz nerd
“I feel like I stepped into another century!” -Julius Caesar

“Such a wonderfully delicious marmalade” -Martha Stewart

*ARETE members discount

 Shayna Dunkelman

Shayna Dunkelman

 Mimi Was

Mimi Was

Shayna Dunkelman // Mimi Was (Lia Braswell & Jared Samuel)

1/14/19, 7pm, $15

A double bill of two genre-defying drummers performing their newest work.

Shayna Dunkelman performs a rare solo set weaving electronic sounds with acoustic percussion. Still searching for a word to describe a live performance with acoustic percussion and electronics that isn't like watching karaoke. It's dope, so shut up and call/text/@ if you think of the word.

Lia Braswell brings her new project, Mimi was with Jared Samuel; a combination of improvised as well as written songs of ethereal

landscapes, intertwining soft grooves between a variety

of dynamic and pedal-infused instrumentals to compliment the melodic power of theatrical lyricism, busting ass with class (and vice versa).

Born and raised in Tokyo Japan, Shayna Dunkelman is a musician, an improviser and a percussionist based in Brooklyn, NY. Dunkelman is the founding member of the retro-future band Peptalk and played in the world-touring experimental rock band Xiu Xiu for 6 years. Dunkelman’s musical activities span a wide spectrum: She has performed classical and contemporary pieces, and has recorded/performed with pioneering avant-garde experimental musicians, such as John Zorn, Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore and many others.

Current collaborators/bands include Balún (led by José Olivares and Angélica Negrón), Emily Wells, Du Yun, and Object Collection to name a few. She is also working on the percussion duo band nomon with her sister, Nava Dunkelman.

Starting out in Van Nuys, CA, Lia Braswell has worked her way up from playing with some of the most phenomenal artists around before turning 25. She started writing music with a band called Ostrich Eyes and they began playing multiple shows in the greater Los Angeles area at places such as The Smell, Pehrspace, and Echo Curio. She went on to continue in an art punk band called, Peter Pants, that had a prominent presence in the underground DIY scene in Los Angeles. Along with the projects that she helped form, she also joined in on drums for touring projects such as White Sea, Therapies Son, Pageants, Only You, Gothic Tropic, and James Supercave. After playing shows nearly every day, she found herself an opportunity to drum for Le Butcherettes. She went on to pursue that and recorded on their 2nd LP, "Cry Is For the Flies". They toured with acts such as Iggy and the Stooges, The Mars Volta, The Melvins, and The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, along with playing festivals such as Coachella, Neon Desert, and Rifflandia. She has toured in Israel, Europe, Australia, and the states multiple times. She currently lives in New York and plays for TR/ST and A Place To Bury Strangers along with her solo music that she has been recording both in Los Angeles and in New York.

 Ty Citerman / Judith Berkson / Sara Serpa

Ty Citerman / Judith Berkson / Sara Serpa

Vocalist/tabla duo Ganavya and Rajna

Bop Kabbalah and Voices: New Radical Yiddish Liberation Songs

Ty Citerman / Judith Berkson / Sara Serpa

1/18/19, 7:30pm, $15

Guitarist/composer Ty Citerman presents the third and culminating concert in his Brooklyn Arts Council sponsored series Bop Kabbalah and Voices: New Radical Liberation Songs. Teaming up with Judith Berkson and Sara Serpa, the three will premiere new works that set century-old labor songs to 21st century music that brings the words of the early labor movement into sharp focus today. Translations will be provided and woven into the program.

Vocalist/tabla duo Ganavya and Rajna: Vocalist Doraiswamy and percussionist Rajna Swaminathan present new work at the nexus of Indian musical traditions and creative music, reflecting “on whiteness and the various alchemies of power.



1/24/19, 8:30pm, $15

 Twilight Exposures Photography

Twilight Exposures Photography

 Twilight Exposures Photography

Twilight Exposures Photography


Steve Blanco, Dana Schechter, Eric Hubel Dave Steele, Arad Evans, Luke Schwartz

FYRN is a guitar ensemble that performs ambient compositions by ensemble leader Geoff Gersh.
The instruments are bowed with metal files and metal bars, creating dense and hauntingly beautiful, decaying sonic ambient landscapes that engulf the audience as the ensemble sets up in a large circle around them.

*ARETE members discount

1:25:19 Mary Prescott solo piano.jpg

 Mary Prescott, solo piano

1/25/19, 8pm, $15

Mary Prescott is an interdisciplinary artist, composer and pianist who explores the foundations and facets of identity and social conditions through experiential performance. After her recent spring residency of wide-ranging experimental works, Prescott returns to Areté for an evening of solo piano improvisation.


Parhelion Trio

2/8/18, 6:30 pm, $15

Praised by The Strad magazine for their "effervescent" playing, Parhelion—Sarah Carrier (flute), Ashleé Miller (clarinet), and Andrea Christie (piano)—is a New York City based ensemble dedicated to bringing virtuosic, robust, and impactful contemporary music to diverse audiences. Parhelion is a recent recipient of a 2018 New Music USA grant for their upcoming project Dark Matter: A Tribute to Vera Rubin. The project commissions Angélica Negrón, Danielle Eva Schwob, and Alexandra du Bois to create works in tribute to the late astrophysicist.

In 2016, Parhelion was a semi-finalist in the inaugural M-Prize International Chamber Music Competition, the largest chamber competition in the world, and was offered a one-year management prize. The trio has collaborated in concert with and alongside members of Eighth Blackbird; violinists Eugene Drucker and Philip Setzer of the Emerson String Quartet; composer and singer-songwriter Shara Nova; Danish cellist Henrik Brendstrup; Friction Quartet; and the ensembles Trumpetcello, Unheard-of, and Lydenskab.  Parhelion has worked with iconic American composers Jennifer Higdon, Paul Schoenfield, Derek Bermel and Nico Muhly along with one of Australia’s leading choreographers, Ros Warby. The trio was also featured in a June 2016 interview with Dan Dunford on Episode 44 on his music podcast “Divergent Paths,” which can be downloaded on iTunes.

Highlights from past concert seasons include performances at Carnegie Hall, National Sawdust, Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “ETHEL and Friends” Series, Minneapolis Convention Center, Hilton Hotel Chicago, Cornelia Street Café, Southampton Cultural Center, CUNY Graduate Center, and Stony Brook University among many others.  Parhelion has held residencies at Avaloch Farm Music Institute, Adelphi University’s “New Music XII”, and New Music For Strings Festival, along with an ensemble fellowship at the 2018 Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab.

“Damn, that was good!!!” — Jennifer Higdon, Pulitzer Prize and GRAMMY Award-winning composer

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