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There is no filming of performances without the prior knowledge and consent of *both* the performer and the venue. Please email info@aretevenue to obtain consent. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Gamelan Dharma Swara

3/17/19, 8:00pm

Described by the NY Times as “ambitious and powerful ensemble”, Gamelan Dharma Swara opens its thirtieth year with an evening-length program of traditional and contemporary works for Balinese gamelan and dance.


$20 entry at the door TICKETS

Tuesday Night Mega Power Concerts

curated by Will Lang


7:00pm loadbang solos: Jeffrey Gavett, ft. Ian Power

8:30pm Music Written by (and for) Chris Cresswell

loadbang’s singer Jeffrey Gavett performs a program of works for voices and instruments including Wolfgang Mitterer's IM STURM with David Friend MORE

Featuring one world premiere, one US premiere, and several NYC premieres, this concert will feature recent works written by composer and electric guitarist Chris Cresswell. Bridging the gap between electronic, ambient, noise, and contemporary classical music worlds, Cresswell’s music has ben described as “bold, original, and attention grabbing.”

The concert will include ‘we study our past to move forward’ for bass clarinet and electronics, ‘From Dreams, We Emerge’ and ‘The Lost Art of Losing Sleep’ for chamber ensemble and electronics. In addition, it will feature ‘Noisy Rhetoric’ for 2-channel electronics, a collaboration with Canadian composer Colin Franks and the world premiere of UK composer Patrick Ellis’s ‘Detunes, Drones’ for electric guitar and electronics. MORE

$15 entry at the door for each

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Biliana Voutchkova & Hans Tammen

3/20/19, 9:00pm

Biliana Voutchkova - violin/voice, Hans Tammen - prozesshansl

Berlin-based violinist Biliana Voutchkova meets New Yorker Hans Tammen, who will transform the sounds of violin & voice into a strange world of bizarre textures, with layers of intensity at times unsettling and anti-sentimental. Voutchkova and Tammen share a strong interest in sound as a phenomena and indulge into various electro-acoustic musical encounters. They have worked together at several occasions and found common ground in exploration which they develop further whenever they find themselves in one place.

This event is being streamed live on Wave Farm Radio, and recorded for future broadcast on Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM in New York's Upper Hudson Valley. Tune in at


$15 entry at the door

Wesely/Wallace/Moffett + Ted Reichman

3/21/19, 9:00pm

This fantastic evening of music will start off with a solo accordion performance by veteran improvisor Ted Reichman. Currently on faculty at both Berklee School of Music and New England Conservatory, Ted’s career has spanned working with Anthony Braxton, extensive film score work, and his current collaborative trio with Anthony Coleman and Tanya Kalmanovitch just to name a few moments in his diverse artistic output. Ted’s solo work deals with perception through the use of duration, drone, and repetition creating cascades of sound that shape a truly experiential musical performance.

The second set of the evening will feature Drew Wesely (gtr), Eli Wallace (pn), and Joe Moffett (tpt). Their music explores relationships between pitch, timbre, and noise through improvised textures that run the gamut from abstracted lyricism and ferocious rhythmic energy to sparse minimalistic gestures and quivering silence.

$15 entry at the door

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Aki Onda.Sean Ali.Zach Rowden

3/22/19, 7:00pm

Aki Onda, Zach Rowden, and Sean Ali explore sound and space with an electro-acoustic pallete of tapes, electronics, two double basses, and fiddle.

Aki Onda (tapes, electronics), Sean Ali (double bass), and Zach Rowden (double bass, fiddle)

$15 entry at the door

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Record Release for Turning Jewels Into Water

3/22/19, 9:00pm

Turning Jewels into Water::The Intersection of Ritual, Improvisation and Global Rhythm

opening set by Kamyar Arsani (Solo set/voice & daf)

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This new project with Val Jeanty arose from her participation in a jam session at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY while Momin was artist-in-residence there in September of 2017. Their collaboration, rooted in improvisation, evokes the esoteric realms of the creative subconscious. Drawing from the voodoo religion, Val recreates the ancient rhythm and pulse of Haiti through digital beats, while Momin, whose own musical background is rooted Indian, North African and Middle-eastern traditions, has developed an original blend of electro-acoustic beats, drawing together the improvisational traditions in Jazz and Indian folk music. Together, they employ a lot of cutting-edge music-technological tools such as acoustic drums outfitted with Sensory Percussion triggers, Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) drum pads and Smart Fabric MIDI Controllers, but still emphasize the ritual aspects of creating music in the digital realm.

IndieRocks (Andres Angeles, Aug 30, 2018) [for Turning Jewels Into Water]

“Ghostly voices, dislocated beats and a digital amalgam flow within their songs along with mutant dubs, polyrhythmic percussions and interferences produced by synthesizers and futuristic turntables.”

Noisey|Vice (Interview/Luis Cleriga, Aug 21, 2018) [for Turning Jewels Into Water] “Together, Turning Jewels Into Water create a microcosm that gives a breath of freshness to the rhythms that permeate current electronics and the post-digital universe.”

Kamyar Arsani is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and poet, known for his spiritual Daf performances (Persian frame drum). Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, he currently resides in Washington D.C. As musician and teacher, he also spends time with population with Autism to teach them strategies to cope and progress in society. Ten years ago, Kamyar and his family migrated to the United States around the same time that Iran's Green Revolution was occurring. Kamyar's musical mission is to spread cultural awareness and unity by mixing contemporary musical trends with traditional Persian folk music.


$15 entry at the door


Nikki Joshi: The Yellow Wallpaper

3/24/19, 8:00pm

Contemporary percussionist Nikki Joshi presents a night of avant-garde theatre music, featuring The Yellow Wallpaper- a brand new commission for theatrical percussion by composer Matt Curlee. Based on Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s 1892 feminist short story of the same name, this innovative new piece includes elements such as dramatic staging, storytelling, and choreography. With Gilman's gothic text at the forefront, this work explores the concept of societal attitudes towards women's mental health.

This performance will also feature works by Leah Asher, Rolf Wallin, Annea Lockwood, Christopher Adler, and George Aperghis. Nikki Joshi is a Toronto-based percussionist and Rebanks Family Fellow at the Glenn Gould School.


$10 in advance, $15 at door

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Sound Bath

3/28/19, 8:30pm

Sound Bath is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalists Rachel Feldhaus and Nick Pauly. The composition features a unique assortment of antique Tibetan singing bowls, scordatura violins, and Waterphones. Escape the cacophony of New York's streets and undergrounds into a peaceful environment of gentle acoustic sounds. Listeners are encouraged to enter into a relaxed state of mind, as the overtones and microtonalities wash over.


$15 entry at the door

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Amalgama Ensemble

The Lost Words: Brook/Fueting/Greenhoe

4/1/19, 8:00pm

Amalgama presents a performance of new commissions from our 2018-19 season project, The Lost Words. A collaboration with author Robert Macfarlane and illustrator Jackie Morris based on their children's book of the same title, "The Lost Words" addresses current environmental concerns, and engages children (and adults!), with creativity and optimism.

Amalgama Ensemble (Michal Massoud, Lena Vidulich, Issei Herr, Ford Fourqurean, Francesca Ferrara, Thomas Feng, Caitlin Cawley)


$15/10 students at the door

t r a j e c t o r i e s

Lucy Yao, pianist

4/3/19, 7:00pm

Trajectories is a collaboration between music + projections by Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Sigurður Guðjónsson that premiered at the Cadences of Line and Colour in the Reykjavik Center for Visual Music by pianist Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir. Inspired by the intersection of the shivering stars in Guðjónsson's dark and active visual pieces, Lucy Yao is presenting commissions that weave visuals of experiments with light, piano, + electronics. This collaboration could not be possible without Tim Kwasny, Alissa Voth, Cassie Wieland, and Inti Figgis-vizueta. MORE

$15 entry at the door

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Ricardo Gallo’s Horse’s Mouth

4/4/19, 9:00pm

Original music drawing from diverse interests as well explorations with previous projects, performed with a chamber-jazzy-folky-fun-weird ensemble. Gallo has been developing a repertoire that is a sonic micro-cosmos inspired by the music of Colombia, elsewhere in Latin America and Africa while creating a logic of its own.

This time featuring: Satoshi Takeishi: percussion, Vasko Dukovsky: clarinets Sam Kulik: trombone, Ricardo Gallo: piano & compositions.. MORE

$15 entry at the door

Matt McBane + Build

4/10/19, 8:00pm

Matt McBane + Build emerge from hibernation to perform a new set of music in advance of recording their third album. Their previous two albums were released on New Amsterdam Records.

“rocking post-classical quintet which takes inspiration from minimalist chamber music, instrumental rock, modal jazz, and more”

-New York Magazine

“Build has been attracting serious attention with its genre-traversing mix of chamber-music decorum, rootsy twang and pop-fueled drive”

Adam Gold, drums; Benjamin Campbell, bass; Mike Cassedy, piano; Andrea Lee, cello; Matt McBane, violin and compositions

$15 at the door

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Continuum 88, Part III: Etudes and Fantasies

Jihye Chang, pianist

4/11/19, 7:00pm

This is the last concert of pianist Jihye Chang's Continuum 88 Part III: Etudes and Fantasies. Etudes by Ligeti, Unsuk Chin, and Abrahamsen will be performed alongside new etudes by ' young composers from the states and abroad. Also included are two premieres of a new etude-fantasy written for the project and a fantasy by a NY based composer. Another NY based composer's Fantasistucke, also written for the project, will be performed as well. MORE

$15 entry at the door

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Ensemble in Process: Bridge the GAP

4/11/19, 8:00pm

Ensemble in Process... (Bridge the GAP) will have its NYC debut at the Areté Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on 11 April. The programme will be a concert in 3 short sets: Brian Mark on piano, the Peridot Duo's Rose Hegele (soprano) from Boston, and the Marsyas Trio: Helen Vidovich (flute/alto flute), Valerie Welbanks (violoncello), and Olga Stezhko (piano) coming all the way from Great Britain.  This 3 set concert will be called Bridge the GAP, as the curation will include a collaborative mix of British and American composers, since this is a special event with the Marsyas Trio coming from London.The US premiere of my ensemble had taken place at the 2019 Oh My Ears Festival in Phoenix, AZ (Ensemble in Loops) on 2 February, 2019. MORE

TICKETS Early bird $15, at the door $20

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Hotel Elefant & andPlay

4/12/19, 7:00pm

Hotel Elefant, "one of New York's fastest rising new music outfits" (Time Out New York), teams with violin- and-viola duo andPlay (Maya Bennardo & Hannah Levinson) to present a double bill of music by Sky Macklay and Anthony Vine, featuring two world premieres.

Hotel Elefant: Christa van Alstine, clarinet; Kevin Baldwin, sax; Hannis Brown, guitar; Meghan Burke, cello; TBC, piano, percussion; andPlay: Maya Bennardo, violin; Hannah Levinson, viola


*pay what you will at the door

OPERA Ensemble on Climate Change

4/13/19, 1:00pm

The OPERA Ensemble of singing instrumentalists will play pieces related to Climate Change, composed by the members of the ensemble such as Lucie Vítková, Stevie May, Isis Brown, Vered Engelhard, Carolyn Hietter, Sydney Viles, Sky Macklay, Elizabeth Adams. The OPERA Ensemble was established in 2016 by Lucie Vítková, to play her whole evening piece OPERA during the series NEW+ADVENTUROUS at the Roulette Intermedium.. MORE

$15 entry at the door

Marsyas Trio 

In the Theatre of Air – North America Tour 2019

4/13/19, 3:30pm

The Marsyas Trio (flute, cello, piano) celebrate their 10th anniversary with music by British and American women composers. The programme includes pieces by Louise Farrenc, Amy Beach, Hilary Tann and Thea Musgrave. The Marsyas Trio has forged a place as a dynamic and innovative group, inspiring a generation of new works for their genre through their commissioning work, as well as bringing lost and forgotten repertoire to the public. This North American tour is part of the international promotion of their latest CD ‘In the Theatre of Air’ released on NMC Recordings. The album debuted at No. 7 in the Classical Charts and was critically acclaimed by Gramophone, BBC Music Magazine and other major publications.  MORE

TICKETS - Early bird $15/12, at the door $20/$15

William Lang presents: New Solos

Composer Heather Stebbins


7:00pm Composer Heather Stebbins, 8:30pm William Lang

Will Lang will be presenting new works for solo trombone by Kamala Sankaram, Yu-Chun Chien, Sharon Hurtwitz, and more, as part of a years long series and approach to enriching the current repertoire for solo trombone. MORE

$15 entry for each concert

Convergences VI - Patricia Brennan // Richard Valitutto

4/18/19, 8:00pm

Pianist Richard Valitutto invites listeners to reflect on the modern/postmodern dialectic in a program of solos by Rebecca Saunders, György Kurtág, Artur Avanesov, and a premiere by Thomas Feng. With a focus on contemporary keyboard performance, Grammy-nominated pianist Richard Valitutto is a soloist, chamber musician, vocal accompanist, and composing/improvising creative. Described as a “vivid soloist,” "quietly dazzling," and “vigorously virtuosic” (LA Times), he is also a member of the critically acclaimed wild Up Modern Music Collective and the "startlingly versatile" (NY Times) quartet, gnarwhallaby. A Sage Fellow in Cornell University’s DMA program, he also holds degrees in piano performance from the California Institute of the Arts (MFA) and the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music (BM, summa cum laude).

“Kaleidoscope” features a combination of composition and improvisation for solo vibraphone and marimba by Patricia Brennan. Previously recorded in August 2018, this project is a documentation of a sonic and personal journey using mallet percussion as a vessel. From standard forms to exploring sonic textures via extended techniques and electronic effects, each piece in this project creates a unique experience. The name Kaleidoscope is due to the meaning of its ancient greek roots: "beautiful", "form, shape", "to look, to examine" since the goal of this project is to explore the beauty of sound in its many forms. The record is expected to be released in 2019.


$15 at the door

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Max Kutner’s Trio Generale

4/18/19, 10:00pm

Trio Generale is the latest ensemble from guitarist/composer Max Kutner. The character of method conformed by the group fluidly navigates the outer bounds of punk, math rock, modern jazz and free improvisation without hierarchy in sharing humor. Max Kutner, guitar, Elie Asher, trumpet, Colin Hinton, drums. MORE

$15 entry at the door

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an evening of live coding and keyboard performance

5/17/19, 8:00pm

Liveware is an audio-visual ensemble consisting of Shawn Lawson (graphics) and Michael Century (music), with Jeremy Stewart processing both graphics and sound using machine learning algorithms. Lawson is an expert practitioner of live-coding with graphics languages and environments he developed. Century performs on piano and accordion, and uses software he developed allowing live manipulations of performed material on both instruments.

Shawn Lawson is a computational artist and researcher creating the computational sublime. He performs under the pseudonym Obi-Wan Codenobi where he live-codes real-time computer graphics with his open source software, The Force and The Dark Side. Lawson’s non-performance work explores a range of technology: stereoscopy, camera vision, touch screens, game controllers, hand-held devices, random number generators; and output formats: print, sculpture, mobile apps, instruction sets, animation, and interactive.

Michael Century, pianist, accordionist, and composer, is Professor of New Media and Music in the Arts Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which he joined in 2002. Musically at home in classical, contemporary, and improvisational settings, Century has enjoyed a varied career as university teacher, new media researcher, inter-arts producer, and arts policy maker (Banff Centre for the Arts (1979-93), McGill University (1998-2002), Government of Canada Canadian Heritage and Department of Industry 1993-98)). At the Banff Centre, he directed the Centre's inter-arts program, jazz and improvised music programs, and was the founding director of its Media Arts program. Century’s works for live and electronically processed instruments have been performed and broadcast in concerts and festivals internationally, including ISEA, The Music Gallery, Diapason Gallery and Le Poisson Rouge (New York City), Vancouver Jazz Festival, Banff Festival of the Arts, and CBC’s Two New Hours.

Jeremy Stewart, is a multimedia artist and performer researching the affective potential of distributed multimedia systems through the creation of improvisational performances, wearable hardware, and machine learning-driven software. He is interested in the ways that technology can affect, interact with, and alter an individual’s agency, perception, and autonomy. He is a PhD Candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.