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There is no filming of performances without the prior knowledge and consent of *both* the performer and the venue. Please email info@aretevenue to obtain consent. Thank you for your cooperation.

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 Vessels to Motherland

5/23/19, 7:00pm

Nikita Morozov, violin; Danica Borisavljevic, piano

Vessels to Motherland, an eclectic duo consisting of pianist Danica Borisavljevic and violinist Nikita Morozov, is a coexistence of classical/ contemporary repertoire with live experimental electronics. Prokofiev's Sonata in F minor for violin and piano, a 73-year-old Soviet tugboat, capable of pulling even the heaviest souls, will steer into the unknown, and grind its teeth in electronic psychedelia.

$15 entry at the door

 Joe Morris-guitar

Yasmine Azaiez-violin, Jeremiah Cymerman-clarinet

5/24/19, 7:00pm

Acoustic improvised music from three of the most dynamic players in the idiom. This concert is the only performance in New York in this period by the great Tunisian improvising virtuoso violinist Yasmine Azaiez. Not to be missed!!!

Joe Morris-guitar

Downbeat Magazine called guitarist/composer/improviser Joe Morris, “the preeminent free music guitarist of his generation.” Will Montgomery, writing in WIRE magazine, called him, “one of the most profound improvisers at work in the U.S.” He was born in New Haven Connecticut in 1955. He began playing guitar at the age of 14 first playing rock music, progressing to blues, then to jazz, free jazz and free improvisation. He released his first record Wraparound (riti) in 1983. He has composed over 150 original pieces of music.

$15 at the door

 George Brandon’s Blue Unity Sound Wor(l)d.

5/24/19, 9:00pm

This is the debut performance of a new Blue Unity ensemble, the spoken word/jazz poetry/sound group called George Brandon’s Blue Unity Sound Wor(l)d featuring George Brandon, voice; Jorge Sylvester, alto saxophone and Kuba Cichoki, piano.

The performance consists of orchestrations and arrangements of the poetry of Bob Kaufman, Pablo Nreuda, Amiri Baraka, Denise Levertov, and others made by George Brandon for the three performers. Some of the arrangements are strictly composed, others will be spontaneously improvised and others are mixtures of both. Spoken work/jazz poetry, soundwork.

$15 entry at the door

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Lior Milliger Quartet 

5/26/19, 6:00pm

Lior Milliger – Tenor Sax
Jeremy Carlstedt - Drums Santiago Leibson – Piano
Bassist - Sean Conly

Lior Milliger, an upcoming contemporary Sax player, composer and improviser, has been performing his compositions and free improvised sets with New York's leading musicians. Lior's music is influenced by the Jazz tradition as well as ancient Jewish music and Israeli folklore, taking a turn to the contemporary and modern improvised music.


$15 entry at the door

5:27:19 NYIC_poster_version2b_horizontal_2019_05_15.png

There are still children separated from their parents. We stand immobile when faced with climate change catastrophe. White nationalism and authoritarianism are on the rise around the world. How do we keep from being desensitized to this litany of daily threats to human decency and objective truth? Now more than ever, we cannot risk complacency. Creating art can feel tangential, superfluous, and even futile. But art reminds us that we care; art can motivate; art can soothe, and art can help make sense of this world. Join these composers and performers in an exploration of our time and troubles, in a benefit for something true and decent. All proceeds will be donated to the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC).

ABOUT The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC):

The NYIC advocates for laws and policies to improve the lives of immigrants and all New Yorkers, particularly those that live in lower income communities. Among other 2018 initiatives, the NYIC advocates for: Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants (GreenLight Campaign); Low-cost immigration legal services; Immigrant access to vital health services; Immigration enforcement and incarceration reform; Strengthening immigrant language access; Immigrant workers rights; and Improving immigrant access to educational resources like Family Welcome Centers, English Language Learners classes, and academic scholarships. The NYIC leverages the political power of immigrant communities by engaging in voter outreach and mobilization for key local, state, and federal elections. The NYIC cultivates a new generation of immigrant civic leaders and community organizers by offering fellowships and several leadership programs. The NYIC provides multilingual informational materials on immigration law, citizenship requirements, school registration, healthcare access, and voting rights. The NYIC also works with ethnic and mainstream media to relay important and often time-sensitive updates to immigrant communities. The NYIC offers annual workshops and presentations on immigration law and other issues that affect immigrants on a daily basis. The NYIC also provides guidance to community groups, advocates, and legal providers on how to better serve their constituents.



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The Heart of Europe 

5/27/19, 7:30pm 

Aaron Wolff and Lana Suran present an evening of works by Poulenc, Dvorak and Chopin. 

Aaron Wolff received a B.A. (comparative literature) and B.M. (cello performance) from Oberlin in 2017, and M.M. from Juilliard under Joel Krosnick in May 2019. As a high school student, Wolff won First Prize in the Boston Symphony Concerto Competition. Other competitions have led to performances with A Far Cry, the Boston Trio and Oberlin Orchestra. A lover of chamber music from an early age, he spent summers at Greenwood Music Camp, Perlman Chamber Music Workshop, Yellow Barn, OrfordAcademy, Sarasota Music Festival, Shasta Music Summit, Bang on a Can Festival, and eighth blackbird’s inaugural creative lab.

Lana Suran gave her first public performance at the age of five and is the winner of SWEA International "Paskéll Prize for the Arts" (2015). She has performed in venues such as Alice Tully Hall, Apollo Festival Hall, Bargemusic, Steinway Hall, Victor Borge Hall, House of the Redeemer, Glassbox at the New School, Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, The Atheneum, Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Chateau du Lac in Brussels, Concert Noble in Brussels, Salle Cortot in Paris, PianoLab in Paris, Piano Salon Christophori in Berlin, Casa de la Música in Quito, Petruzzelli Opera House in Italy, Wiener Saal in Salzburg, Luxembourg Philharmonie, Grand Hall of Tbilisi State Conservatory, Small Hall of Kiev Philharmonic, Casa Da Música in Porto, Auditorio de Tenerife, Rachmaninoff Hall in Moscow and all major concert halls in Sweden, to name a few. Her Debut CD was released in Spring 2017 and includes Shostakovich Piano Concerto no.2 with Dalasinfoniettan and Daniel Blendulf. Prize winner of international competitions and winner of the First Swedish Steinway Competition in Gothenburg (2001), Lana won all national youth competitions in Sweden before turning sixteen.

$15 at the door

 Collide-O-Scope Music Presents:

Music By: Margaret Schedel, Christopher Bailey and Pauline Oliveros

5/30/19, 7:30pm

Harvest Kitchen 2 is a work for 4 speaker pairs (8 total, but this evening compressed into 4 speakers). The 4 pairs are treated somewhat like ensembles in a polyensemble composition like those of Ives or Carter. On one side, a speaker-pair features march rhythms, vocal sounds, instrumental "musical" sounds; on the other side are arpeggiated mountain-skyscraper-chords, gritty earthy noisy sounds, and in back are underwater, harmonically filtered materials. The front pair features carefully sculpted gestures of concrète sounds, as well as commentary on the materials in the other 3 pairs. The piece was composed from 2010-2016. Over the past couple of years, I have worked with Augustus Arnone on "creative mastering" of the piece, applying compression and EQ to the many layers of the piece, bringing out some hitherto hidden and unheard sound characters.

Teach Yourself to Fly

Dedicated to Amelia Earhart

Any number of persons sit in a circle facing the center. Illuminate the space with dim blue light. Begin by simply observing your own breathing. Always be an observer. Gradually allow your breathing to become audible. Then gradually introduce your voice. Allow your vocal cords to vibrate in any mode which occurs naturally. Allow the intensity of the vibrations to increase very slowly. Continue as long as possible, naturally, and until all others are quiet, always observing you own breath cycle. Variation: translate voice to an instrument.

Lou Bunk, prepared guitar/sounds, Molly Hess, movement

$15 entry at the door

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 Ricardo Gallo solo piano

5/30/19, 9:00pm

Ricardo Gallo presents in this format compositions from his repertoire for other groups in solo-piano versions, and improvised pieces.

As pianist-composer, Gallo looks to minimize the distinction between improvisation and composition. Or, in other words, to present in a distilled and direct way the creative process of his music that has been known mainly through his work with other groups and collaborations with other musicians.

$15 entry at the door

 big dog little dog Album Release Show

with Special Guest Travis LaPlante

6/3/19, 7:00pm

Join big dog little dog (composer/violinist Jessie Montgomery and bassist/composer Eleonore Oppenheim) for the release of their debut album on New Amsterdam Records. 

big dog little dog is the mild-melding duo project of violinist/composer Jessie Montgomery and bassist/composer Eleonore Oppenheim. Their music has been described many ways, but perhaps the most apt so far has been “post-minimalist groove americana.” The pair use an improvisational composition technique that draws on many genres and their experience as native New Yorkers to create lush, cinematic soundscapes that are by turns sweeping and achingly intimate. Saxophonist and composer Travis LaPlante (Battle Trance) will open with a special solo set.

$10 entry at the door

 Urs Leimgruber / Hans Tammen / Shoko Nagai / Satoshi Takeishi: Music From Silence

6/4/19, 8:00pm

Swiss saxophonist Urs Leimgruber, currently touring the US, has advanced into one of the most masterful representatives of a form of European music that is delicately sophisticated and often quite abstract. Together with Hans Tammen, Shoko Nagai and Satoshi Takeishi the quartet allows much space for the expression of the quiet – a sort of contemplative essence perfectly suited for Arete’s sonic habitat.

Urs Leimgruber - reeds
Hans Tammen - Buchla Shoko Nagai - piano
Satoshi Takeishi - percussion

$15 entry at the door

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Jay Vilnai - Thorns All Over Release Party

6/6/19, 7:00pm

Composer Jay Vilnai celebrates his new album “Thorns All Over”, contemporary murder ballads penned by poet Rachel Abramowitz, with acoustic performances and tracks from the album. Mezzo Augusta Caso will perform Vilnai’s “There’s a Bluebird in My Heart” for voice and tape, based on the poetry of Charles Bukowski, with new video art by artist Bill Mazza.


$15 entry at the door

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 Sly Horizon - ‘The Anatomy of Light’ CD Release

6/6/19, 9:00pm

SLY HORIZON is a brand new group founded by a trio of well-seasoned New York based creative musicians: Rick Parker (trombone, electronics, synths), Álvaro Domene (7 string electric guitar and electronics), and Jeremy Carlstedt (drums/electronics). 

Rick Parker’s processed trombone functions as a focal point of enthralling lyricism, while Domene’s haunting soundscapes and metallic expressions provide the playground for Carlstedt, whose approach to drumming constantly enhances the groove and forward motion of the group’s music. 

Their ear-grabbing improvisational music, without any trace of artistic compromise, has the potential to appeal to a broad range of listeners, including adventurous jazz fans, open-minded metal listeners and devotees of ambient and electronic music. 

SLY HORIZON creates an ever-expanding sonic universe that, while finding inspiration in many sources, ultimately exists in a space all its own. 


$15 entry at the door

6:7:19 Desdemona at Cornelia St.jpg


6/7/19, 8:00pm

Desdemona is a New York City-based ensemble devoted to creating unique and inventive performances. Founded by Adrianne Munden-Dixon (violin), Carrie Frey (viola), Julia Henderson (cello), and Margarita Rovenskaya (piano), the group presents repertoire spanning from the Renaissance to world premieres in a variety of formations, from duos to piano and string quartets. Described by the New Yorker as an “excellent young quartet,” Desdemona has performed at Spectrum, 1 Rivington, Cornelia Street Café, the CUNY Graduate Center, Princeton's Unruly Sounds Festival, as well as at numerous home gatherings through Groupmuse.

Peter Kramer: de fortune (2018)

Finola Merivale: Do You Hear Me Now? (2018) *partial premiere

Tom Morrison: Time Stacks (2018)


5:9:19 Shep Photo.jpg


6/9/19, 6:00pm

Shepherdess is a duo based in New York City, featuring violinist, Hajnal Pivnick, and mezzo soprano, Kayleigh Butcher. Hajnal and Kayleigh are both contemporary classical performers dedicated to commissioning and disseminating new works by living American composers. For this concert, Shepherdess will be showcasing a few new works from NYC based composers Lester St. Louis and Mary Prescott as well as some pieces by Bethany Younge, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh, Annika Sokolofsky, Luis Amaya, and more!



6:9:19 front.JPG

 Piano+ #15

6/9/19, 8:30pm

piano+electronics -new works by Laura Cetilia, Eugene Kim, Young Eun Kim, Matt Lau and Cecilie Arditto

Piano+ is a concert series dedicated to new and recent music for piano with other instruments and media.An intimate listening experience, a space for sharing sounds, a place for open minds and ears. Curated by composer and pianist Teodora Stepančić


Teodora Stepančić, Douglas Farrand, Jesse Greenberg, Assaf Gidron, Matt Lau, Laura Cetilia, Mark Cetilia


$15 entry at the door

6:11:19 FREY_111.jpg

 One-Eleven Heavy: Album Release Event

6/11/19, 7:00pm

Composer Matt Frey celebrates the release of his conceptual operatic EP album, One-Eleven Heavy, about the 1998 plane crash of Swissair Flight 111.  Please join us at 7:00pm Tuesday, June 11th 2019 for a listen-through of the album accompanied by refreshments, conversation with the artists, and live music from soprano Jenny Ribeiro and Grammy Award-winning tenor Karim Sulayman.


6:12:19 Algo_portada_p.jpeg

 Gallo<>Flórez Duo: Algo Más Melódico CD Release Party

6/12/19, 7:00pm

Ricardo Gallo, piano

Alejandro Flórez, tiple and bandola

In this new release by Gallo<>Flórez the clear allusions to Colombian Andean musical folklore from the previous album are artfully shrouded by layers of rhythmic and harmonic richness, rendering the music more expansive and visceral. Lyricism is present throughout, whether in the angular twists of Emisarios or Algo Más Melódico, the colorful and irregular phrases of Hermetismo (inspired by Hermeto Pascoal's similarly virtuosic melodies and harmonies), the unlikely, dystopian soundscape of Acueducto or their heartfelt rendition of Andrew Hill's Nefertiti, the only cover of the album, which ironically reminds the listener of the primary influences of the duo. This is a mature effort by a team of composers/improvisers who move effortlessly in the worlds of jazz, contemporary and South American music, creating an intriguing and enchanting aesthetic.


$15 entry at the door

 Sarah Bernstein VEER Quartet

6/12/19, 8:30pm

Sarah Bernstein – violin/compositions Sana Nagano – violin
Leonor Falcón – viola
Nick Jozwiak – cello

The VEER Quartet presents compositions by Sarah Bernstein for improvising string quartet. Four inventive and soloistic musicians create a sound that cuts across jazz and chamber music to avant-free expression. With Sarah Bernstein, violin, Sana Nagano, violin, Leonor Falcón, viola, Nick Jozwiak, cello.

SARAH BERNSTEIN is a New York-based composer and violinist whose work incorporates vocals, electronics, improvisation and original text. She is known for her fiery multidisciplinary performances, and has garnered international acclaim for her distinctive recordings. She leads bands, performs solo, and collaborates with numerous artists in avant-jazz, chamber music, experimental pop and noise. Nominated "Rising Star" in the DownBeat Critics Poll for the past four years, Bernstein is a recognized innovator in forward-thinking jazz. Her approach merges post-tonal and polyrhythmic melody with sonic exploration and raw emotion. In addition to live performance, Bernstein's music is featured on radio programs, podcasts, and film scores. Her poetry has been published by Red Ceilings Press and Sensitive Skin Magazine. She is originally from San Francisco, CA.


$15 entry at the door

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6/13/19, 8:30 pm

Tania Caroline Chen and Joe Moffett create environments of sound and kinetic energy. Utilizing piano, trumpet, and a wide array of other instruments, toys, and household objects, the duo makes improvised pieces with a spirited, absurdist bent. Each performance is a new work. Each moment within a performance is a chance for something unexpected to occur.

Azumi Oe projects her body through scenes in sound and memory, these may induce a momentary reflex activity of cells and nerves on the precipice of survival.


$15 entry at the door

Ken Thomson Sextet//Bearthoven

6/16/19, 5:00pm

“Few musicians travel as assuredly and meaningfully between jazz and new music as saxophonist Ken Thomson.” - Chicago Reader. Ken Thomson’s (Bang on a Can, Gutbucket, Asphalt Orchestra) Sextet performs a rare Brooklyn show featuring music written since the group’s debut CD, released Fall 2018, which was listed as Best of 2018 by Second Inversion and AnEarful, and of which WNYC writes, “they manage to create a sound much bigger and juicier than the sum of their parts” and the NYC Jazz Record calls “immensely enjoyable, thrilling.”

Bearthoven [ \'bâr-toh-vən\ ] is a piano trio creating a new repertoire for a familiar instrumentation by commissioning works from leading young composers. Karl Larson (piano), Pat Swoboda (bass), and Matt Evans (percussion) have combined their individual voices and diverse musical backgrounds, coming together to create a versatile trio focused on frequent and innovative commissioning of up-and-coming composers. Bearthoven is rapidly building a diverse repertoire by challenging composers to apply their own voice to an instrumentation that, while common amongst jazz and pop idioms, is currently foreign in the contemporary classical world.

$15 entry at the door 

In Dreams

6/16/19, 8:00pm

This program dives into the hope and discomfort of dreams, the moments when we let go and imagine a thing wouldn't name when we're awake. When we started thinking about this program, we began with Houtaf Khoury's "Apres un reve" (2008), a modern nightmare reacting to the terror of relentless war in the Middle East: a dream of hope amidst the fatigue of fear. Hasan Ucarsu's "...the city of anachronistic nostalgia, Istanbul..." (2003) celebrates his and Derin's hometown of Istanbul, a city rich in contradictions and layers. Our adaptation of Claude Debussy's "Bilitis", a collection of 12 sensual poems attributed to Sappho, dreams of desire. Finally, Michael Fiday's "Nine Haiku" (2007) is one of our favorite pieces to perform and sets works by 8th century poet Basho with flashes of powerful images, dreams that come into focus for only a moment before they vanish.

$15 entry at the door


 Either/Or Ensemble

6/18/19, 8:00pm

Winner of the 2015 CMA/ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming, Either/Or is a flexible chamber ensemble based in New York City that presents a repertoire of new and recent chamber music informed equally by American Experimentalism and European avant-garde practice, with special emphasis on artists outside the institutional mainstream and on works exploring nontraditional ensemble formations.  Directors Richard Carrick (conductor/piano) and David Shively (percussion/cimbalom) curate its programming, drawing on a broader collective of 17 regular soloists (and guests) to realize the unique requirements of each project.  Since its founding in 2004, Either/Or has premiered more than 125 works (as well as dozens of student compositions), toured throughout the US and Sweden, and recorded for labels such as New Focus, New World Records, Starkland, and Sterling Classics.

On Tuesday, June 18th, Either/Or presents Interactions, a program of works that focus on essentialized forms of communication. Compositions include the classic John Zorn game piece Hockey (1978), graphic scores by Merche Blasco (Bardenas) and Zeena Parkins (Lace Pieces) , Gérard Grisey’s ecstatic Solo pour Deux for bass clarinet and trombone (Vasko Dukovsky and Chris McIntyre respectively), and the US Premiere of Johan Svensson’s Marionette for cello (John Popham) and electro-mechanical devices.


“The excellent New York ensemble Either/Or…gave a well-honed, riveting reading of this piece” — Alex Ross, The New Yorker

“Either/Or, an ensemble that plays by its own rules” — Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

“Either/Or, a new and first-rate new-music ensemble” — Bernard Holland, The New York Times

“Either/Or, one of the most prominent new-music ensembles in New York, opened with a hallucinatory account of Giacinto Scelsi’s “Pranam II,” a work of haunting intensity and breathy flow.” — Steve Smith, The New York Times

$15 entry at the door

 Nick Millevoi / Ron Stabinsky Duo

7/3/19, 7:00 pm

Nick Millevoi and Ron Stabinsky play a new set of music composed by Millevoi that references American popular music from the middle of the 20th century. Leaning heavily on surf, country, and rock and roll, this guitar and organ duo reconstructs elements of those genres through a lens indebted to artists as far out as Thelonious Monk and Captain Beefheart.


$15 entry at the door


7/12/19, 7:30 pm

if.else is organized by flutists Philip Snyder and Jenny Davis. They are interested in finding creative space at the intersections of installation art, audience agency, musical concert, and improvisation. Their performance seeks to create a shared space of discovery by inviting visitors to create sounds with simple electronic instruments, their voices, and their phones while the duo improvises in response to the sounds of the room. Visitors to the performance space are welcome to experiment with the shared sound world by playing with the provided oscillators or by simply listening.