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Group Exhibition and Celebration of Official Launch of Flat Files Program

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“Selections from the Flat Files Program:

Patricia Fabricant, Friedman-Havens, Sabrina Marques, Cheryl Molnar, Julianne Nash

and Jung Eun Park”

Image: Jung Eun Park, Moving House with Dying Plants, 2018, 15 x 15 inches, pencil, thread, watercolor, coffee on Korean paper.


September 14-October 6, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, September 14, 6-9 pm
Curated by Fay Ku

Areté Venue and Gallery celebrates the official launch of its Flat Files program and the new season with a group exhibition of selected artists Patricia Fabricant, Friedman-Havens, Sabrina Marques, Cheryl Molnar, Julianne Nash and Jung Eun Park.  This eclectic group of emerging and mid-career artists, abstract and representational, nevertheless share strong graphic sensibility and distinctive palette.  This exhibition includes consigned works from Areté’s flat files as well as additional works beyond the program’s parameters in terms of scale and media.

Patricia Fabricant describes her work as meditations on color, line and space.  A versatile artist, her work ranges from representational to the abstract, but always consistent is her strong color and design sense in her vigorous negotiations between the gestural and patterning.

 The collaborative duo of Friedman-Havens (David Friedman and Matti Havens) produces works as battlefields in which dueling aesthetics and core practices (Havens is a predominantly a video artist while Friedman’s paintings and drawings emphasize materiality and physicality) result in experimentation with process and materials, building and destroying, ultimately create surfaces of anarchic pleasure.

 Whimsy and humor are weaponized to triumph over painful experiences and of “not something once known and then lost, but something–someplace–that may never be known and can therefore only be found in the imagination.” Sabrina Marques creates narratives populated by fantastic creatures, their innocent appearance and clean lines belie darker aspects of human experience.

Julianne Nash and Cheryl Molnar both begin with photography, and then manipulating images to create fantastical objects (as in Nash’s photographs) or collaged with other materials to create impossible landscapes (Molnar).  Using algorithms to digitally distort images, Nash’s photographs are metaphor for vision as well as homage to loss and memory.  Molnar’s fictional landscapes are inspired by places where she has been but by exaggerating and juxtaposing the architectural and environmental elements, she shines a spotlight on human activities’ effect on the environment as well tracing memory of place.

 Jung Eun Park’s works on paper are economic yet poetic; she has developed an idiosyncratic personal iconography expressing the yearning for connection and the home. Using sewing as well as graphite and water-based medium on thin off-white Korean, her works on paper take on its depicted objects depicted anthropomorphic, and appeal to touch as much as sight.

For more information on the Flat Files Program, please visit here or contact Gallery hours by appointment only.


7:14:18 Michael Alan.jpg

Michael Alan’s “Seven Deadly Sins” is a modern day fairytale multimedia performance / installation and print exhibition. The NYC art couple Jadda Cat and Michael Alan Alien will be acting out a dark comedy living art performance. “Lust, greed and a gluttonous life are the reasons why humans struggle. The ongoing struggle to feel ok, and to take too much. The sloth nature of anxiety. The struggle of being a human/animal has been captured in fine art for ages.” —Michael Alan Alien


Seven Deadly Sins is a unique live installation in which the odd NYC art couple Michael Alan and Jadda Cat will turn themselves into large human sculpture. Human bloopers. Accept the mistakes. The happening spins from theatrical to insane asylum. A metamorphosis of body awareness, constantly changing depicting human struggle through the seven deadly sins, and finally transforming into a peaceful state.

Michael Alan also teams up with Jadda to exhibit over 25 new prints, small works, and photos as well as video projection and live sound.



The opening performance is on July 14th from 7pm-1am.

The exhibition will be on view on July 14th and 15th from 12pm-7pm, and will continue until July 31st, by appointment and during concerts at the venue.


The Natural World

  image credit Nitin Mukul

image credit Nitin Mukul


Arete Venue and Gallery presents The Natural World opening Friday June 1st from 6 to 9 pm. 

Meredith Allen

Laura Fayer

Nitin Mukul

Caleb Nussear

Bryan Osburn

Jeremy Stenger

Rachael Wren

Curated by Elizabeth Cooper

June 1- 3, Opening Friday June 1st 6 to 9 pm, On view Saturday and Sunday 12 to 6 pm. This show is in conjunction with Greenpoint Open Studios weekend. Over 350 artists and galleries are opening their doors during this yearly arts festival in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

The Natural World explores contemporary landscape through paint, silverpoint, photography, video and sound. Each artist works with organic properties in art, material and landscape to create reference to fleeting moments we encounter in nature and in life. Meredith Allen's “Ice Pops” show cartoon character ice pops melting in the sun, the passage of time evident. Laura Fayer and Rachael Wren’s paintings tears nature up into little strokes of light and paint floating on the picture plane. Laura FayerRachael Wren, Jeremy Stenger and Bryan Osburn explore the mysterious and moody world of a garden at night.  Caleb Nussear's silverpoint drawings capture the delicacy of the clouds while Nitin Mukul depicts fleeting impressions of the LA River.
A live score by Nitin Mukul will be presented on Saturday June 2nd at 3 pm. Meredith Allen: “Ice Pops” will be on view by appointment until July 1.
Arete Venue and Gallery, 67 West street #103. G to Greenpoint Avenue.